Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Recovery is slow-going

But it is moving forward a little! I see my physical therapist twice a week, and do exercises at home every day. I will be so glad when I can finally do something. I am trying to get myself to stay off the shopping sites, and as a result, most of what I've been doing is reading and playing Words with Friends or watching streaming video.

My physical therapist was thinking I should be able to drive now. Yeah, that would be nice. Only problem is we tend to own standard transmission vehicles. Driving a stick-shift? Not so much yet. :) So I still get a ride to the PT appointments and wherever else I might need to go.

It appears Spring has finally arrived! We have company coming for a short visit this weekend, which spurred me into attempting to sleep in the bed again. I have tried several times unsuccessfully over the last couple of weeks. But since the recliner has started being a bit uncomfortable itself, I thought it was time to give it another shot. Success, finally! Not perfect, but it's a start. I am so ready for life to get back to normal. I thought I was a fairly patient person, but guess I need to think again.

Thanks for hanging in here with me. I hope to have some crafty updates to share soon!

Friday, March 21, 2014

And the project planning continues

I should unsubscribe from all the emails I get if I really don't want to continue buying more stash, LOL.

This time it is yarn. I just ordered enough light celery green skeins (the color is actually named "ginger") and a cream ("natural") accent skein to make my most ambitious crochet project yet - a sweater!

I am confident in my crochet skills that the pattern itself should not pose any problems. Where I lack any experience, however, is with the shaping and seaming into a garment. I have looked at the pattern, though, and it appears to be fairly straightforward. I WILL do a gauge swatch for this, because it's so much more important for a sweater than an afghan. :)

The V-neck tunic pattern is free on (formerly known as

Monday, March 17, 2014

Last expected stash mail for a bit

And here it is - Tula Pink's Fox Field. I am in love. The photo does not do it justice (and taking with my left hand, it's a little blurry). I can't wait to put it with the other Tula fabrics and then make something! :)

And I also received Sunset Kona Roll-Up. I thought I'd show it off with my newest polish acquisitions, since they complement each other so nicely. Mom and Dad took me out to dinner while CC was out of town and we drove over to the Ulta store. I picked up a couple on clearance and another I just had to have.

Doing a lot of reading lately, catching up on some that I've had waiting in my to-be-read collection on my Kindle. More than ever, I appreciate the convenience of having a variety of books ready to read in one small, lightweight device (and the ability to download new ones any time of day or night). Sometimes I might grouse about technology, but never about my Kindle and the wi-fi/3G downloads of books!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Tula Pink stash

Late Saturday I received another package I had ordered of Tula Pink stash. I was not sure just what would comprise the stash, and was just really hoping I wouldn't have too many duplicates of the Acacia and Birds and the Bees fabrics that I had just received. I did have a few duplicates, but was very pleased with what I got. For the record, I ordered the City Sampler starter kit (32 fat-eighths of a variety of Tula Pink fabrics) and the super charm pack of 100 5-inch squares from I Heart Tula Pink. There were 50 fabrics in the 5-inch squares pack, 2 of each.

Collections, top row, left to right:
Acacia, Salt Water, The Birds and the Bees, one fat eighth from Nightshade, Prince Charming, Parisville, Plume, Hushabye
Bottom row (starts in the middle), left to right:
Nest, Flutterby, and Full Moon Forest

Honestly, I did not expect much from the older collections, and was quite pleased to see so many from them. I will have a very nice variety when I start a couple of new quilts that I plan to make with these, City Sampler and Peaks and Valleys.

I was showing CC my Pinterest page of Cool Quilts, and he has picked another one to be his "next" quilt. It is a gorgeous shaded pineapple quilt that was shown at Paducah AQS in 2009. I believe the photo shows it to be by Kathy Wilson, entitled "Tropical Gradation", but I'm not totally sure because it's hard to read the photo.

And the sewing room is unpacked!

Disclaimer: tons of thanks to my family and dear friend Sallie for making this possible. Without their help, this would not have been possible until weeks, possibly months from now.

After Dad got the brachets screwed into the wall, CC put my shelves up on Saturday. I wasn't 100% sure the height I wanted between them, so it took a few rounds, and we finally got to this.

On Sunday, a few boxes were unpacked and put up, and we he moved the plastic containers to the shelves

On Monday, Sallie came by and unpacked the rest of my boxes and helped me organize the contents on the rest of the shelves and in the closet (closet not shown)

When I stepped back, I realized I had under-utilized space on the right where my beads were. So they were moved over to the far left and the crochet project container was moved into the space on the right with another couple of containers on top.

At first I believed that I wanted my ironing board between my two sewing machines.

But the use of space was not ideal, and I didn't like the way it stuck out into the middle of the room after all. So with my mom's help last night, we she moved the ironing board to the left of the Pfaff, and moved the Pfaff closer to the Bernina. Eventually the wall behind the ironing board will house my design wall.

The Sizzix sits on its own wall now, instead of in front of the design wall.

Just to the right of my shelving, I have a freestanding skinny shelf unit for a few more binders, sewing machine manuals, some quilting DVDs, and some odds and ends.

Where the Artbin satchels and other project boxes now sit in a heap next to the skinny shelving unit will go the 3 satchel cubes (stacked) I bought on sale (updated to add new photo showing them).

And currently my cutting table is just in front of my Sizzix. It will likely move around as needed once I can actually get in and start using the room again. At the moment, Fall Frolic (ready to quilt), Jared Takes a Wife (ready to bind), and the Calendar Baskets Wallhanging are perched on it, along with a small throw pillow.

It gives me a sense of peace just knowing that room is completely unpacked and ready for me when I get to be ready for it again.

Saturday, March 08, 2014


I just received these Kona solids Roll-Ups this morning, and had to see them with my Tula fabrics. Looking good! These are Summer 13 and Sunrise. I have one more roll-up on the way, and it should be here Monday (Sunset).