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Saturday, January 31, 2004

4 squares on Nova

I've stitched 4 squares on Nova so far this weekend, and then *boom* Arabian Woman jumped out at me and made me stitch some more on her. I'm going to put in a few more stitches tonight, take a new scan, and then work some more on Dragon Heart tomorrow during the Super Bowl. I also did some more quilting on my quilt, but I need to cut out some more backing squares and batting before I can do any more.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Kenny has a sponsor!!!!

And the car is really cool! Check it out here

Internet service is fixed, and I'm home for the rest of the afternoon!

I had to come home early for a cable/internet service call - they had been working in the area a couple of days ago and afterwards our service was worse than dial-up! But they've fixed it now so I'm planning to bring out Nova and stitch on it for a little bit. I think I'll listen to my book on tape while I do (or I might watch Finding Nemo). Regardless, I'm planning to have a stitch-happy afternoon, and a stitching-filled weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Happy Dancing tonight!!!

Yep, I did it, I finished Guardian Angel!!!!! Woohooo!

Guardian Angel, finished in just under 2 months!


Almost.... almost!

I have one spot of one color left to go on Guardian Angel, and her stitching will be complete! I promise a new scan/picture as soon as I do finish her (which might be tonight). I tried for last night, but there was just too much to do. This is a pretty big section of color at the bottom of her dress, so it will probably take an hour or two tonight. What is so exciting to me is that I will have finished a pretty big project in just 2 months (and I didn't even stitch on it constantly), plus I will already have a Christmas gift for this year finished (well, except for the framing). AND it's my oldest UFO, even if I did start it over in November.

If I do finish GA tonight, and I have enough time, I'm going to try to get a square or two in on Nova before bedtime. I'm still treating C with sinus/cold medication, and I've cancelled game night tonight. We don't need to be passing this along to anyone else, and I think he could just use the rest.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hubby's still sick but I'm back at work

Still got my fingers crossed about my health. It has moved into his chest, so he's coughing a lot now, in addition to having sinus problems. We're medicating him as best we can, given that he hates going to see the doctor except as a last resort.

I've already been extremely busy today. They even called me last night at 9 p.m. to do another media release (I had put one out in the afternoon too). While I don't mind getting the overtime, it certainly can be interrupting - dinner, sleep, life in general.... I guess it's the price I pay for the job I have.

On the stitching front, I've been working on Guardian Angel. I'd really like to have it done this week so I can get back to working on Nova and some other things. I'm thinking of dragging Dragon Heart back out once GA is done, because I was plugging away pretty good on him before I got distracted by everything else.

Well, nearly lunch time - and time to call home and check on how C's doing. I had a cup of tea instead of coffee this morning, and I'm not sure if that's working for me... oh, and speaking of food - the white bean/chicken chili turned out REALLY good!!! It wasn't too hot - probably most people couldn't even taste the tiny bit of heat (even though I could). The flavor was MUCH better than the last recipe, so this one's a keeper. If you're in the mood for something different - here is where I got the recipe

Monday, January 26, 2004

Poor hubby's sick

He's either got the flu or a sinus infection or something, but he feels awful, so I stayed home with him today. I should be back at work tomorrow - here's hoping I don't get what he has - he's miserable because he can't breathe. :(

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Almost the end of the weekend...

I've had a decent weekend, although time flew by WAY faster than I would have liked. I got most of my web pages updated with the new look except for some of the photos.

Tonight I'm finishing up laundry and trying a new recipe for white bean/chicken chili. C didn't like the first recipe I tried (I did though), so I'm trying a recipe called "Ruby Tuesday's White Chicken Chili". It has some different spices than the other recipe, so hopefully it will turn out better for him. I just hope it's not too hot for me, because I'm a wimp when it comes to hot and spicy foods. If it is, I'll just make some of the other for me. :)

I'd better go check it - the ground cumin I've got waiting out in the kitchen smells really good, so I've got my fingers crossed. Will let you know tomorrow!

Friday, January 23, 2004

I'm in a mood again...

to update the look of my web site. I'll admit it - I've been heavily influenced by recent updates by others (including Jen in NZ), and some neat CSS tricks I've learned, so I've started working on it... I've only got a couple of pages converted so far, but if you want to see how it's going to look, take a look at my Bead Work page. Let me know what you think.

Way too busy

I got barely any stitching done last night. For the second night in a row, about an hour and a half after I got home, I had a media release to publish on our web site. And last night I was in the mood to stitch, but couldn't seem to get into a rhythm.

Good news on the personal front - I finally got around to updating the beneficiaries on our life insurance, and in the process of visiting our agent, was able to get a lower rate on 2 of our cars. A good friend of the family agreed to be Executor for our wills when I asked him on Wednesday, so things we have wanted to do for about a year now are finally being settled! Ever since a friend of ours (who was not married, but had a girlfriend) died intestate, we have been meaning to write our wills. I even got a start on it, but we had nothing official. Now that I am working with an attorney on a new web site, we're finally going to have them done, officially! It's not something that anyone likes to discuss. I think a lot of people put it off for that reason. I know we have. But now that we're getting it done, I personally feel much better knowing that if something were to happen to either or both of us, plans will be in place to take care of everything, each other, and our "children".

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Quilting has begun!

I pieced all of the 48 blocks into 12 4-block segments, which I've decided to quilt-as-I-go. Here is the first one done! I am machine quilting in a spiral pattern (you might be able to see a little bit of that from the photo). Once I get all 12 4-block segments quilted, then I will connect them all together. This is a new technique for me, one which I'm contemplating using on my brother's quilt, so I wanted to try it out on my little personal quilt before I jumped big-time into his.

Oh yeah, and Guardian Angel has a new progress scan up too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

How apropos...

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 15.
What is your score? Get it here.

It's about the most I could score yesterday.

A fun 3-day weekend!

I have no doubt I could have a lot more of those if they'd just give us more holidays.

We played 4 games of Scrabble yesterday afternoon, and Melanie won all 4. I don't know if Sallie or I even got close. But we had a fabulous time, lots of brownies, popcorn, and flavored coffee.

I went to Joann's yesterday morning for the last of their holiday sale, and came home with both the sewing machine thread I needed and some home dec fabric (purchased with a 50% off coupon) that I've started to sew into "curtains" for my utility area off the kitchen. Eventually I'll have some bi-fold doors there, but for the time being, I wanted something a little more attractive than the shower curtain I've had hanging there.

I worked on Guardian Angel a little last night - I have the right side finished now, and am working my way center and left. I'll probably post another scan in a day or two, depending on how much I get done tonight.

We've started season 7 of Deep Space Nine - hard to believe we've already almost made it to the end. It has been so nice watching it from beginning to end again, seeing the characters develop and grow and change. I think it's the most underrated of all of the Star Trek shows - it had some really powerful episodes and story arcs. After we do finish it, we'll either start watching Stargate or Farscape again.

Oh well, I'd better get on to work stuff. I'm glad it's a short work-week!

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Row F is done, and so are 48 quilt blocks!

I finished Row F on Nova today!

Yesterday I finished stitching all the bullseye blocks, then I cut them up into quarters. Today I rearranged and stitched them all back together, so I now have 48 blocks to sew into my cottage garden bullseye quilt!

And here is my framed Dragon's Lair, even though the photo doesn't quite do it justice:

I have the holiday off tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to getting together with a couple of friends for a Scrabble afternoon!

Friday, January 16, 2004

A fairly quiet evening

was had by all the Sit n Stitchers last night. There were only 4-5 of us, so it was a sedate evening compared to some we've had in the past. I did work on Guardian Angel, and was able to pick up both the Pansies and Dragon's Lair from my framer. Here's how the Pansies turned out:

Pansies framed

I'm going to try to take a photo of Dragon's Lair tonight. It really does look awesome. The framing complements the piece perfectly. I should print out a photo and take it to Karen Weaver in February

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Looking forward to my LNS' Sit n Stitch tonight

I haven't been in a few weeks. Actually, since before Christmas. I'm looking forward to going and chatting and catching up with my stitching friends there. You never know who is going to show up - there are a few who are pretty regular, sometimes a new face, and sometimes a face who hasn't been there in quite a while. I'll probably take along Guardian Angel to work on, since I haven't stitched on her in a couple of days.

And today at lunch, if I can manage it, I really want to put a few more stitches into Voyage at Sea.

Right now tho', I've got a photo gallery page to do for work.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I couldn't stand it - I couldn't wait for blogspeak

so, I've done what a lot of other bloggers have done, and changed over to Haloscan, so COMMENTS ARE BACK!!!

Steps to Financial Peace

According to Dave Ramsey (with some extras from the forum over at
1. Save $1000 In baby EF
2. Do the debt snowball, paying all your debts from lowest BALANCE to highest.
3. Save 3-6 months EXPENSES in EF
3.1 Start car replacement fund
3.2 Save up 20% for home purchase OR pay down existing mortgage to the point you can drop PMI.
3.3 Start furniture or other non-essential stuff replacement fund
3.4 Move up in car if you still feel the need to (must pay cash for it)
4. Start contributing 15% of your paycheck to retirement.
5. Save for kids college fund
6. Pay off house early
7. Live like no one else since you have lived like no one else

4 blocks done on row F

I worked on Nova last night, and finished the first 4 blocks (okay, well, I had already finished the first block and most of the second) of row F. I got to work with some pretty purples/lavenders.

Once I get past this class/trip to Myrtle Beach in February, I really want to get back to trying to build up my emergency and retirement savings. Now that I'm no longer in debt (except the house), I really should try to sock more away. My resistance to buying "stuff" is okay, but not as good as it should be. I also need to get back into the "Clean Sweep" of my house and paring down all the "stuff" I currently own. Recently I was exposed to a house which reminded me what it's like to have too much stuff (clutter). I'm thankful I'm not that bad off, but there's still work to do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

One of the first things I was asked to do today

was to create a new Word template (for media releases) for our public affairs manager. It's not one of my normal job duties, but I was able to successfully achieve the look that he and the new Chief wanted in a fairly short amount of time. I've also spent a little time looking around his old web site, to get a feel of where he's coming from in terms of web content/design.

On another subject entirely, the skin at the tip of my forefinger needs some attention. No matter how much I moisturize, it's always rough. And now I've noticed that there are patches where the dry skin is peeling a bit like a sunburn. I can't remember having burned (or otherwise damaged) it. Maybe I should ask someone at my pharmacy about the best way to treat it. I hate having rough skin on my hands/fingers, especially with all the work I do with fabric and fibers!

I miss blogspeak

I hope they are able to bring it back online soon.

The past 2 mornings

when the alarm went off, I couldn't believe it was already time to wake up. Most mornings I have an idea that it's getting close to time, and often wake several minutes before the alarm actually goes off. Not this morning (or yesterday for that matter). I was snoozing, in the middle of a very vivid dream both times. Weird vivid dreams. And it's not like I went to bed late either night.

Last night I spent two hours giving instruction on how to update a web site with Dreamweaver to a non-web person. Fortunately, she does have typing skills. I ended up having to change some of the form coding myself, simply because I didn't want to spend another several hours going in to teaching actual HTML. The updates she needed to do were fairly simple - mostly text and links - it was just time consuming. By the time I got home last night, and we had dinner, I barely had a chance to get a couple of stitches in before we went to bed.

Today is busy - things are ramping up at work with the new Chief in place. I also heard something which makes me think he's going to want me to change the format of our Police web site... I'm actually looking forward to hearing what his ideas are in that regard. I don't figure he'll get around to that for at least a couple of weeks though. And it may be some small changes over time (which might be better than a wholesale restructuring all at once). Who knows - it's all just speculation for now.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Most excellent (if short) weekend

Well, I spent most of Saturday visiting my brother and his family, then Mom & Dad. When I got home, we watched some football, played a little Castlevania, and I stitched a little on Guardian Angel and Nova. Pretty much the same story Sunday, except I didn't have to get out of the house, and in between stitches, I did laundry - I finished Row E on Nova, and completed the first square in Row F. I've almost finished all of the burgundy in Guardian Angel's dress (but not quite), and I worked some on the cream part, so I've added a new progress scan.

Today, we swear in our new Chief of Police, so I'll be busy with all that entails (with regards to the web site). Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Friday, January 09, 2004

It's a NOVA SAL!

I got two squares finished on Nova last night, and I did a little on a third and fourth square, but couldn't finish them because I couldn't find the rest of my DMC for them (well, and it was late - close to bedtime, so I decided not to go searching). I hope to finish Row E this weekend, maybe start on Row F. I also want to get back to working on Guardian Angel. But I love the fact that there are so many people interested in working on Nova. Maybe this will really inspire me to get it finished!

I stopped by my LNS last night and dropped off 3 finished pieces to be framed (the itty bitty Pansies, Dragons' Lair, and Tannenbaum). With Anita's help, I think we made 3 really nice framing choices. Especially for Dragon's Lair, the last one we did. It's gonna be cool. And I'll have to figure out where to hang them all - I think I'm gonna bring my pansies in to work so I can look at them all the time.

Oh, and since I haven't mentioned yet, TGIF!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Why, oh why I do things sometimes which I KNOW are going to cause me pain and suffering? I have a couple of food allergies which cause GREAT stomach pain - so much so that I can't do anything except writhe around in pain and try to sleep it off. Well, that's exactly what I did last night. I don't know what I was thinking except that, well, maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought I remembered.

It was. It was horrible. I had intended to stitch and watch Sex & the City, and I ended up in pain, in bed at 6:15 p.m. There's nothing else I can do to make the pain go away, so for a couple of minutes' eating pleasure, I suffered the night away and got absolutely nothing accomplished. Hopefully that's the last stupid thing I do in 2004.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I think I'm about to get sucked back in

to working on Nova. One thread on the TWBB about Finished Projects albums led to another thread about what the first thread had inspired us to add to our stash/wips/etc. which led to a discussion about Nova (and yet another thread with Nova questions). There are quite a few others who have this pattern and a few more who want to buy it, so I might just be in for another Stitchalong. I really would like to finish it... along with all the rest of my WIPs!!! :) Methinks I might have a few too many in progress, and I have that disease where you just keep starting more...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a desk job

I know that sitting here, not really able to get much exercise, movement, whatever does nothing for my health.

I don't think I'd want a job where I have to stand all day - I did a part time gig at Blockbuster Video several years back where I had to do that, and it was no fun either. But if I had a job where I could sit for a bit, then have to get up and walk around and do stuff, move things, move ME, I'd be better off, I just know it.

Is it February 26 yet?!?!?!

Reason I'm asking is because I'm SO excited about going to the Stitchin at the Beach retreat (hosted by The Lazy Daizy in Raleigh) in Myrtle Beach with Teresa Wentzler, Jennifer Aikman-Smith, and Karen Weaver. A weekend of stitchin and stitchin classes at a resort on the beach (okay, yeah, I know it's gonna be February, but I wouldn't be swimming or sunning much anyway)... and I'll get to put some faces to the "names" around the TWBB and meet some of my favorite designers!

We've decided I'm flying in to Columbia and renting a car - much cheaper than flying in to Myrtle Beach, and much better than driving the 10 or so hours from my house to there. Is it February 26 yet?

Monday, January 05, 2004

2004 Resolutions...

To ENJOY my hobbies 100% (whoops, that almost said 200%, which isn't such a bad goal either ). To work on ONLY those things which bring me pleasure, and to not feel guilty about putting a project into UFO status (or giving up on it completely) if it no longer rings my chimes.

Otherwise, I have the same resolution as last year - 1024 x 768.

Fun anniversary

We had a wonderful 2nd anniversary yesterday - played Castlevania practically ALL day, which meant, of course, that we were playing it all night in our sleep too. It's been a while since we did that - and how I wish that they would still make awesome games in 2-D like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. There was SO much to that game - it took us weeks to go through it the first time. And when we went back through it again several times, it just didn't get old. We are about 88% complete, I think, with Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, and I wish it was a lot longer (we're having so much fun!).

So, I didn't get much stitching done at all this weekend - I played around with my EQ5 a little, stitched a little on the angel, and mostly played videogames with C.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

My EQ5 is here!!!

My UPS guy works WAY too late, fortunately for me. :) At 8:00 last night, there was a knock at the door, and he had delivered my last Christmas present, Electric Quilt 5 software. I've already installed it and run through the first tutorial. Today will be a day of playing with that, Castlevania, and stitchin for me - Castlevania and football for C. Hope everyone else has a fabulous a weekend doing whatever they enjoy doing as I'm planning for myself!!!

Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year!!!

Once again, I was asleep as the calender turned, but that's okay - I just can't stay awake unless we're OUT doing something, and we just didn't want to be out on New Year's Eve. New Year's Day was fun - we watched X-2, Terminator 3, and Legally Blonde 2, just as I wanted. Then we ended up the day watching our Deep Space 9 dvds, and I stitched the whole day.

I'm wondering if it's because the original Guardian Angel was ignored for so long that the new one is screaming so loudly - by no means do I consider myself a one-at-a-timer again, but I just can't put her down - she won't let me.

So, I'm also watching Sex & the City on dvd - and can I just say that Carrie makes me crazy!!! It just really bugs me how she's constantly trying (well, and succeeding) to ruin her relationships with men. First, Mr. Big, and now Aidan (I'm in the middle of season 3) - ack!!! She can't let things just develop in their own time with Mr. Big, and then she sabotages her relationship with Aidan (so far the sanest character on the show) by having another affair with Mr. Big (who's now married to someone else). Then, after the affair is broken off, she has to go and tell Aidan about it, and he wishes she hadn't told him and leaves. I just would like to smack her!!!! Maybe I've been watching too much lately?