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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Silk gauze and black jubilee

Thanks for the questions and comments, Ann.

40 ct. silk gauze is teeny-tiny, but not the tiniest count. I'll definitely be using my magnifying lamp for it! And I will definitely need to be very awake!

Smokey's black jubilee has less of a shine or shimmer to the fabric than jobelan does, which really helps cut down on the glare-eye strain. I use a really strong light on top, and I usually lay a white cloth in my lap, which helps me see the holes better.

Last day of August, time has flown

Here is my doily-in-two-days, started Saturday August 28, and finished the next day! It is called Sea Shells (how appropriate for late summer). I still haven't been able to find the crochet thread that matches the other doily I'm making - just my luck they've probably stopped making that color...

Yep, I decided it was time to update the rotation to reflect the upcoming projects for Round 5. You'll probably notice that one project is new, bringing me back up to 30, but it should be finished in a couple of rounds, and it's going to be a Christmas gift (Yorkie). Dragon Heart should be my next finish (goal: this next round), bringing me back down to 29 very quickly, and I've replaced Castles by the Sea with Fantasy Sampler. I've got a good ways to go on it, but I've been wanting to stitch this project ever since I finished TW's The Castle.

I've also replaced Legends of the Dragons with Smokey (Moonstruck). It's my tribute to my boy kitty. Eventually I hope to find a design that looks like my other kitty - Candy. I've got several things that look like Rudy now, and the one of Smokey, but nothing for Candy, poor neglected baby.

So far I haven't run out of wall space, but it does seem to be filling up quickly, now that I'm actually stitching some for myself! But I still give a few away as gifts to friends and family. In fact, this Christmas is going to be quite the cross-stitch gifts bonanza for family. I've also got a little sneaky plan forming in the back of my brain for a friend. But we'll just see how the next month or two goes before I decide whether or not to take on another project.

Thank you SO much for your feedback on Legends - I really love how it turned out with the border and all. Annette was right - it did take as long to stitch Wisdom as the other two combined, but it's well worth it. C said Wisdom was his favorite too. He also told me that with all the happy dancing going on, we were going to get blisters on our feet, but he doesn't mind so much.

Monday, August 30, 2004


Yes, I am shouting in my title - it's a major accomplishment, I believe. My WIP list now boasts only 29 projects because I'm happing dancing with Legends of the Dragons!

I'm so excited, I just about can't contain myself!

Car news: we're still waiting on the adjuster and the body shop to determine damage and repairability. It will be a few more days before we know something.

Me news: I'm doing okay, and plan to pick up my workout where I left off tomorrow. It's been a week, and I'm really feeling the need to walk. I actually felt the benefits of my exercise with our trek to and from the race track Friday night. I was barely winded this time, where before I could barely walk it without feeling like I was dying. It felt GREAT to be able to walk up the hills without needing to collapse. Even C commented on how he was having to keep up with me. :)

Even the best-laid plans

can unfortunately be interrupted by illness. We made it to Bristol for the Busch race Friday night, and we watched Casey (Atwood) finish 10th, while Mikey (Waltrip) had a terrible run of luck.

On the way to the car, my stomach started arguing with me, and it really didn't stop on Saturday. To top that off, though, about 10 minutes before we were going to leave for the Cup race, I had an inkling I was going to be really sick. I thought I'd be a trooper and just manage it. After all, I was going to be uncomfortable whether I was there or anywhere else, but C convinced me that we should just head back home instead. We managed to listen to the first 100 laps or so of the race on the radio, and watched the rest of it on our tv. It turns out it wouldn't have been a great race for either one of us, since both Kenny (Schrader) and Mikey got caught up in trouble.

Today is a vacation day for me, and I'll be spending it waiting for a call back from the doctor's office (and hopefully a prescription call too), another chiropractic appointment, and watching some tv with C. Fortunately, I got all the laundry done yesterday except 1 load of towels, so I should be able to take it easy.

I do have a Happy Dance to share - it's one of those things I've been working on and off for a couple of years now, and in the same vein as the earlier finish of the beaded glasses cord and seashells sachet, I decided it was time to FINISH it!

I didn't work on Trellis Sampler at all this weekend. In fact, until last night, I didn't work on any cross stitch project - just the thread crochet ones I've had going. I realized that I was going to run out of thread before I finished the variegated one, so we ran to Wal-Mart to find some more of that. No such luck. I'm hoping that Joann's here or Hobby Lobby still carries that color. I ended up buying another ball of crochet thread, and I've actually started (Saturday) and finished (Sunday) another doily which I have yet to block (photo to come later).

I finished the over-1 name of Wisdom last night while we watched The West Wing on DVD - we recently bought the first and second seasons, and we started in on season 2 last night. Today I'll probably get back to backstitching on it.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Back into the groove

TW's upcoming designs - Come February, I'll have another couple of reasons to stalk the mailman!

I made it back to work today, not feeling quite as sore as yesterday. Occasionally I'll notice a few twinges I didn't notice before (like when I laugh - probably because of the seatbelt - in my ribs), but nothing really painful. We're definitely going to enjoy the races this weekend.

The webteam all pitched in and bought me a new car. Aren't they the best? :)

I'm going to take my travel project with me, as well as some crochet (easier to do in the car than cross stitch for me). I don't anticipate having internet access, so I'll post again when I return.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hello again!

Yes, I am still here. I actually don't feel too bad this evening. Still quite sore around the right side of my neck and my right arm (and a couple of other places where the seatbelt held me in place). But not bad, all things considered.

I have heard that I might feel worse tomorrow, being the 2nd day after the accident, but I'm planning on heading in to work in the morning. If I do feel worse, I'll stay home, but I don't see any reason right now not to return. I have an appointment scheduled with my chiropractor, who should have my x-rays by the time I arrive.

I posted some photos I took of Spice today when we went to drop off some paperwork at work and then went to get some things out of the car before it got transferred to the body shop for evaluation (and hopefully repair!). Things like parking permit, etc. Anyway, I posted the photos, and I still have my fingers crossed. My dad is good friends with a guy (and they've done some body work on Dad's vehicles together) at the shop where we're sending her, so hopefully we'll hear some good news in the next couple of days.

In looking at the car, I really realized how lucky I was. C and I are both of the opinion that the tire / wheel / fender took most of the damage, and had it been a little further back, I could have been hurt MUCH worse than I was. So I am very grateful to have walked away with the little bit of soreness that I have.

I have crocheted just a little bit today on a doily I started months ago - just didn't have the patience for backstitching. I'll post a photo of it in a few days.

Thanks again for all your comments and well wishes. I'm a very lucky person to have so many caring friends!!

Oh, and lookie! Kenny got the truck pole today at Bristol - GO KENNY!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Thank you for your wonderful comments! :) And thanks Annette - I usually check my links, but not today... and look what happens. :) Broken link-age! :D

Anyway, I thought I'd just let everyone know what's happened this afternoon - while on my way to a meeting across town this afternoon, another car ran into mine in an intersection. My light was green, she said hers was, but the outcome of the situation was she could drive away in her car with its dinged-up bumper (and with no apparent injury to her person) and I could not. My driver's side front tire was smashed up into the front of the car and I couldn't open the driver's door. I have some neck pain but seem otherwise okay - they checked me out at General Hospital (IOD-injury on duty), and sent me home to nurse some sore muscles. I'll be seeing my chiropractor tomorrow, and I don't know how sore I'll be, so I may not be online. I'm grateful I was wearing my seatbelt. I know some people have problems with that law, but I know it has saved me a couple of times.

I'm really hoping they don't total the car - it's worth much more to me than its blue book value - "Spice" just turned 7 years old about a week ago, and she's been one of the best cars I've ever driven. Very comfortable, peppy, well-taken-care-of, and brand new shoes. I know that if they do total her, it's going to be very difficult to find a replacement for what settlement they might give me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she can be fixed, and that they'll pony up the money for that instead.

I'm going to put some biofreeze on my neck and shoulders and cozy up on the couch. Thanks again for your thoughts on WIPs, kits, and well, everything! They are much appreciated!!

CATS is coming to Nashville! and other random thoughts

This is awesome news - the Creative Arts and Textiles Show is actually coming to Nashville in 2005! The dates are August 19-21, I believe. Hopefully I'll be able to take a class or two.

Going through this process called "StRIPping" has made me think about some things. I am enjoying my stitching. The smaller rotation really seems to be working out for me, finally - at least I've nearly made it all the way through for 4 rounds now. Of course, all of my other WIPs still nag at the back of my mind because I'm not seeing them at all. But at least this way, I have a chance of whittling down my list so that I CAN get around to working on them at some point in the [hopefully] near future. Especially some which have been in WIP status for quite a while (some dating back to 1997 starts).

The dangers of "guilt-free January"
30 WIPs. 30 mostly LARGE WIPs. And if most of them take 200+ hours (even though I no longer keep track of the time worked), how many years is it going to take to finish them all even if I don't start ANY new projects. I know I'm still young, but anything can happen, and I hate leaving things unfinished. It may be guilt-free in January, but come June, all of those projects are vying for their portion of my attention. To be honest, there are only a few projects I would consider "retiring" (thanks Annette!), but maybe I should? I do have SO many pretty charts in my stash just waiting for me to say it's their turn.

Consequences of pre-kitting
Over the past couple of years, I have gone a little crazy kitting new projects (and/or buying new kits). I currently have 41 accounted for in a spreadsheet. These are projects which have not been started yet, but they have fabric, floss, and whatever else is needed. They are projects which I am looking forward to starting one day. But now when I see a new leaflet I really like, or occasionally a new kit, I have these 41 projects in the back of my mind, in addition to the 30 current WIPs. It becomes harder and harder to imagine when I will be able to start something I purchase today (unless it is really a gift for someone else, which has to be stitched quickly). Earlier this year, I de-kitted a project. It was really weird, but knowing how huge and time-consuming it would be, and how long it would be before I could get around to stitching it, it felt like a weight lifted from me. At the time, I went through all of my projects and tried to find others that I could also de-kit, but alas, I like the rest of them a lot. Really.

It's like it has taken some of the joy away from kitting a new project. And if I do kit a new project, I feel guilty because I have all of these others ready and waiting to go.

It's not just cross-stitch
But fortunately, my quilting and crochet don't seem to be anywhere near that out of control. I have a pretty good fabric stash and plenty of patterns, but currently only have 2 quilts (nearly forgot the hexagons-flower garden I've started), 1 crocheted afghan, and 2 thread-crocheted doilies in progress. Occasionally I'll make a piece of jewelry or something with beads, but fortunately, I don't have any WIPs with them currently. So much to do, so little time.

At least I know I'm not alone
I love the support system on the Rotation Stitchers board. And it is so good to know that I'm not the only person facing issues like this. Oh, if work would only just pay me to stay home and do my crafts!! ;) I just don't see that happening. I'm really glad we've started the StRIP club - I'm hoping it will help me deal with the monster I've created and nurtured over the past couple of years. And I think I should own up to those 41 projects and really include them in my StRIPping. With all the wonderful new designs that keep coming out, I don't want to miss something because of WIP/kit/stash guilt.

I can't be a one-at-a-timer, but I want to have a rotation of about 6 pieces or so, of varying techniques, size, and complexity, so that if something new comes out that just bowls me off my feet, I have the chance of starting it within the next couple of months.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Really, really close

It was a pretty normal Sunday for me, what with laundry to do and a Nascar race to watch. C took a nap after the race, which allowed me to get in a little more piecing on Scott's quilt. When he got up, we watched a few first-season shows of The West Wing (our latest DVD acquisition), and I worked on finishing up the border of Dragon Heart. It is now SO close to being done. Sasy's beat me to finishing it, but I should be pretty close behind her. Next round in the rotation, methinks.

And now, on to Legends. All that's left is backstitching and over-one. Of course, the backstitching of a TW piece is nothing to be trifled with... :)

Sunday, August 22, 2004

We went, we saw, and it whooped our ...

We had a BLAST at the quilt show yesterday. We arrived shortly after opening time, and spent the morning staring at all the wonderful quilts on display. I took a few photos, but I was more into just looking at them than taking photos this time. I think I got 15 or so photos tops (and I still haven't finished the Paducah quilt show gallery pages yet, so I need to get busy!).

We ate lunch in the area catered by the Opryland Hotel staff, but it wasn't anywhere near as cheap this year as it was last - next time, we'll head out to the food court just outside the show area.

Refreshed after taking a load off our feet for lunch, we headed back to start perusing in the vendor booths. I was quite proud of myself, as I only bought 3 items - 3 yards of a just-off-white fabric (Marcus Brothers) for use with my 1930's fabrics, a new chalk pencils set (lots of white, just as many colors) for marking the quilts, and some really fine glass-head pins for piecing. I saw LOTS of quilt patterns / kits I'd love to make someday, but since I haven't even started yet any of the ones I got at the Paducah show this year, I reined in my purchasing.

We left just a little before the show would have closed, worn out, eyes pretty glazed over by over-stimulation, but inspired! :D

After getting home and showing C my purchases, we grabbed some fast food from the mall, and then he wanted to race. Perfect opportunity, I worked on Scott's quilt! Working on the wave blocks, I've only got one more round of triangle pieces to attach, and then they will be finished. Check out the quilt page for some newer photos.

Today, I'm going to go watch the race, do some laundry, and get out Dragon Heart. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get into the craft room for more piecing, but I'm anxious to do some more this week, for certain!

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Okay, while we were watching Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis last night, I was also working on Dragon Heart, the bottom border. I've pretty much finished the lower left corner, so I started working on the lower right corner. After a tiny bit of not-paying-attention-while-I-was-stitching-frogging, I stitched the very bottom line from left to where it's supposed to meet on the right... and IT LINES UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to the quilt show in just a few minutes, really looking forward to spending a good part of the day with Sal, seeing all the beautiful creations and checking out the new gadgets, fabrics, fibers, whatever!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Woohoo, another Friday, payday, weekend's nearly here!

I have to say a very big thank you to everyone for your comments on Nova, Dragon Heart, and music. I hadn't really thought much about satellite radio, but I know my dad's been looking into it. It actually sounds a lot like the Digital Music eXpress (I think that's what they call it) stations that come with our digital cable. I've heard songs on the various music channels there that they *never* play on the radio.

It's Friday, and getting very close to MY time once again. When you add a payday on top of that (and we recently learned we're going to bi-weekly checks at the beginning of the year instead of semi-monthly, yippee), Friday's just that much better. The cherry on top is the quilt show tomorrow. I've already talked to several people who've gone and loved it, found some really neat stuff, and have gone back again.

I must have been really scatterbrained yesterday when I headed out for Sit n Stitch - I made sure I had my floss box, scissors and other supplies, and chart. So guess what I forgot? Yep, fabbie was still sitting in q-snaps on the table at home. It wasn't a total loss, because I did have Trellis Sampler with me, fortunately it all fits in one little bag since I'm working it in hand, so I got a little more of the trellis stitched.

Oh, and I helped Melanie with moving her blog over to her web site. It took a few tries, but we finally figured out why the layout was all weird and got it all fixed. It then only took a few knocks to the head (mine) to undo some of the changes that broke a couple of things (whoops!).

I'll probably work on Dragon Heart some more this evening and Sunday. I'm really hoping that the quilt show will get me motivated to work on Scott's quilt some more. I really have a LONG way to go on it, and would like to get going. He doesn't even know about it yet, which is good, but I'd really like to see the top together so I can start quilting this winter. I think it's gonna be really cool.

Having been pretty busy, I haven't been able to visit the stitching boards much, and I miss it. Also haven't gotten all the way through my blog list in a while - but I still check when I can. I guess being busy is better than being bored! Thanks for stopping by again, have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Busy, busy, busy

But it's a good busy! Last night there was no stitching because we went to the Wilson County Fair. We arrived hungry, so the first order of business was Fair food! Knowing my stomach, I stuck to a barbecue sandwich. C had one of his faves - italian sausage, and we shared a few fries (which were so hot, I burned my tongue, ouchie ). We walked up and down the midway, watched a girl hit the bullseye hole and dunk a clown in the dunking booth, and visited some of the exhibits. I recognized several cross stitch designs, and a wonderful 1930's reproduction quilt of appliqued butterflies won best of show.

Tonight is Sit n Stitch night, and I'm planning on taking Dragon Heart with me.

Saturday is when Sallie and I are going to the AQS Quilt Expo here. It's the last day, but I can't get away from work during the week this time. A couple of other friends were going yesterday, and I can't wait to hear what they thought of this year's show.

And next weekend is Bristol racing!

I took my Trellis Sampler with me to get my allergy shots during lunch yesterday, so there was just a little stitching accomplished. I'm looking forward to having the border completely stitched so that I can concentrate on filling in all of the different areas.

Every once in a while I get an urge to listen to music from my youth. Which is why I rarely get rid of things like that. I mean, if you think about it, there is a LOT of music that is just never played on the radio for one reason or another. I can listen to the "Oldies" station and hear stuff from the 50's and 60's. I can listen to the "Classic Rock" station and hear the Eagles, Bob Seger, etc (which I'm just not into so much). The all-80's-all-the-time station stopped playing all-80's-all-the-time, and now it's like one-third 80's, one-third 90's, one-third today's music. I could listen to "Lite Rock" but if I heard Drift Away by Uncle Kracker one more time, I think I'd scream. The original was good, why screw it up? For that matter, Berlin's Take My Breath Away, Talk Talk's It's My Life, Don Henley's The Boys of Summer, Bananarama's Cruel Summer, Greenwheel's Breathe, the Go-Go's Our Lips Are Sealed, and Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll were ALL better than the crap cover versions on the radio today.

I do listen to a lot of today's rock and pop music. That's easy to find on the radio. But sometimes I want to listen to some late-70's or early-80's funk. Where can you hear that? Sometimes I want to listen to The Partridge Family - I'm SERIOUS here!! - I honestly can't remember when I've heard one of their songs on the radio. I don't care what other people think, I still like them. Granted, I don't want to listen to those songs all of the time, but occasionally it's really nice to cruise on my morning commute, belting out, "I think I love you!" along with David Cassidy.

Whoops, I guess I'll get down off my soapbox for now. Didn't realize I was going off on a tangent. Sometimes I just get fed up hearing the same songs over and over and over again, and am just in the mood for something different. Don't EVEN get me started on commercials or talk radio (or the becoming-ever-more-popular morning shows that are mostly talk on my MUSIC radio station!!!).

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Stitcher's QOTW

If you were to stitch something to be passed on to future generations of your family as an heirloom, what would it be and why?
Well, for an heirloom to be passed on to future generations, I think it would be some sort of family tree, but I haven't seen any so far that really blow me away. Of course, I'm hoping that my nieces and nephew will like to have some of my stitched projects when I am gone, since C and I only have kitty-children. But I believe that my dear close friends would lay claim to my stitched treasures if the nieces/nephew do not.

I worked a little on Dragon Heart last night, stitching mostly on the outer border in the lower left corner. My goal for this rotation is to get the border completely finished, so that next time I can concentrate on finishing the blue dragon or the castle (or both). Sasydragon is finished with all of the cross stitch on her DH, and has moved into the beading, so hers will be done soon! I'm so excited for both of us - knowing how long we've both had these projects going.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Lots of progress and achievements over the weekend

Nova is now exactly 50% complete - I finished Row K on Sunday, woohoo!
Nova WIP

I was tempted to do another row, but decided against it, since one row was my goal for this rotation, and I achieved that. Besides, I was itching to get back to working on Castles by the Sea. I didn't think I'd be able to manage it by the end of the day yesterday, but I finished it! I'm looking forward to the time when I can show off this wonderful TW design - it's smaller than many of her masterpieces, but it packs a whole lot into the space.

That brings me down to 30 WIPs now, which is how I started out the year - can you believe it? It's going to be a long way to really StRIP my list to something more manageable, but it's something I'm feeling I must do to be more in control. You see, I'm really a control freak. About nearly everything in life. And when I feel like things have gotten out of my control, I get stressed. And stressed is definitely NOT the way I want to feel about my needlework and other hobbies. I think this goes back to the whole decluttering kick I was on a while ago. I still need to declutter (a whole lot more, I feel), but haven't been doing it much. Except that in a way, I kind of feel like StRIPping is helping me declutter a bit. If I can just *stick* to it!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

A couple of little finishes

Here is the little seashells sachet / pillow that was a make it - take it design from Jennifer Aikman-Smith's class at Myrtle Beach. I finally finished it up last night (just needed to stuff it and close the hole). I can't believe it has taken me this long to do that. Beside it is the wonderful little watercolor my friend Phyl did for me of the two seashells I picked to put inside the pillow.

And here is the little beaded glasses chain I started to make when I got my new reading glasses several months ago. I wanted to put away the supplies that have been sitting on my craft table for ... months?... so the only way I figured I could do that without a guilty conscience was to go ahead and FINISH it!! Sigh... sometimes I am amazed (and embarrassed) at how many projects I've got "in progress" - and I'm not just talking about cross stitch. Anyhoo, a couple of things DONE!

Back to Nova... have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday the 13th and Stitcher's QOTW

Sit n Stitch was fun once again. Betty brought in a red velvet cake for Pat's (the owner) birthday on Monday. Taneya has really been stitching away on her sub, it's looking so good! I just love the colors in it. I brought Trellis Sampler as I'd thought I would, and got a good bit of the top of the trellis stitched. At least it seems this time that I haven't miscounted.

I'm so glad it's Friday, and I don't really have plans for the weekend, so it should be Stitching Central around the house both Saturday and Sunday. Nova will come out to play tonight, for sure.

Well, since it's Friday, and I haven't answered the Stitcher's Question of the Week yet, I'd better get it in gear...

What would your stitching confession be?
Oh, well, I probably have lots to confess... sometimes I won't frog, I'll just stitch over it with the correct color, especially if it's just a few stitches. Sometimes I'll carry a thread more than an inch - I usually try to weave it behind other stitches from one area to the other, but especially with confetti stitching, I'm pretty darn lazy. And I think I have a form of adult attention deficit disorder, which is why a project has to be either small or very exciting for me to finish it quickly, and why I have over 30 projects currently "in progress". I'm a floss licker. I have start-itis, but I'm working on getting better... :)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Finally settled on a travel project

I finally got out my travel project, Trellis Sampler. There were quite a few stitches I had to frog out because I miscounted kloster blocks at the very top of the design. I only had 3 in the next-to-top row, where there should have been 4. Hopefully THIS time I will be able to count correctly. I'll probably make myself count a couple of times, just to make sure.

I enjoyed The Village last night. I can't really say much without giving anything away, but it was good. Though I do wish I'd had some really nice size pebbles (rocks would have been okay too) to throw at the people sitting in front of us who just would NOT shut up, and seemed to think it was their jobs to make fun of everything in the film. We finally had to move to some seats farther away from them. I can't imagine what makes some people so rude. I'm sure they thought they were entitled to ruin it for everyone.

I'm planning on going to Sit n Stitch tonight. I may take my Trellis Sampler to work on. Nova is up in my rotation, but I don't feel like lugging it and my lap stand plus all the fibers over there. Much easier to carry my bag with Trellis Sampler (it has maybe 10 colors?).

Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

3 afghan squares and August goals

Like Annette and others, I've started posting some monthly goals on the Rotation Stitchers Board at the beginning of each month. They are mostly to help keep me focused on what I would *like* to accomplish. I try not to be too overzealous.

For August, here were the goals I posted:
  • Crochet 3 more squares on the 63 squares afghan
  • Work on Scott's Ships quilt
  • Get really, really close to finishing super sneaky cross stitch gift
  • Make it through another round in the rotation
  • Finish the Tabby Cat Sampler
  • Finish the little Make It/Take It seashells pillow from Myrtle Beach
  • Finish Castles by the Sea and figure out which of my TW wips will go in that slot for next month
  • Find some bellpull hardware and finish the Mini Mystery E finishing!
Not quite halfway through August, and I have already met 3 of the goals. Here are my August 3 squares on the 63 squares afghan

square #22 - cross stitch
square #23 - slant stitch
square #24 - climbing shells

I'm not sure if my LNS will have the right bellpull hardware, but they might be able to order it. When I looked over their selection last Thursday, I didn't know if what they had would fit - some seemed way too large, some seemed too small. Anyway, I'm working on that goal too.

No stitching tonight, I'm afraid - Amy Beth and I are going to see The Village. I've heard from several people now that it is good (and thankfully I've heard no other details!), so I'm really looking forward to it. C is going back to see I, Robot again with his cousin.

Absolutely chili in August! In my opinion, chili is good ALL year round. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Vacation nearly over, but we've had a good time

Yesterday we went and visited with C's mom, who lives about an hour and a half away. Sunday night we went to eat at Mikado, which was wonderful as always... love the steak and shrimp. I got up this morning and went to work out, then had breakfast, we got a few groceries, and made chili. I've been doing laundry, a little stitching, and laundry. Fortunately, I'll only have 3 workdays before another weekend, yippee!! :)

I think I'm going to pull out Nova now and work on it a bit while listening to some Harry Potter while C plays video games. I'm thoroughly enjoying a nice "down-time" vacation where we're not having to run from one place to another doing something every minute. I need more like this!

Edited to add: Nope, I've changed my mind - I'm going to work on my 63 squares afghan tonight while we watch a movie. :)

Sunday, August 08, 2004


Whoops, I think I may have mis-spoken! My door prize was to receive her next 3 design releases free directly from her. So this was the first design released since Myrtle Beach in February - sorry for the confusion!! But it would be really cool if she would do a series of stockings, for sure. :)

I've got hopes that an "olde world map" might be in the works.... but I have no idea what the next design will be. :D

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Unexpected S.E.X. in the mail

I was in the kitchen last night when C brought the mail in. He was letting me know who the latest statements, etc., were from, and he held up a padded envelope saying, "oh, and you probably just want me to pitch this, huh?" TEASING me, because he knows very well who "TW Designworks" is, having heard me talk about Teresa Wentzler and Myrtle Beach so often.

I had completely forgotten about winning the door prize in Myrtle Beach, so what a wonderful surprise it was to receive Teresa's latest design, the Woodland Angel Stocking with a really sweet note, reminding me that it was #1 of 3!!!! Woohooo!!!

Friday, August 06, 2004

StRIP List: 1 down!!!

Tabby Cat Sampler finished

Woohoo!!! Come happy dance with me, I have completed the Tabby Cat Sampler!!!

My StRIP List

As good a vet visit as one can ask for...

Actually, it wasn't all that bad. I wasn't sure how he would react to being in the car again, after having not been in it for about a year. He actually settled down quickly in the car. He shivered a bit and growled just a bit at the vet's but what animal actually enjoys going to the doctor's to get shots and liquid medicine in their nose?

We saw I, Robot and LOVED it!!! C gave it 5 stars, and he usually only gives out 4 for a fantastic movie. Most excellent. Highly recommended.

Smokey this afternoon, hanging out in our front yard, after we got back from seeing I, Robot

Okay, I'm going to get off the computer now and go make some tacos, then probably finish up Tabby Cat Sampler tonight.

First day of our mini-vacation

First thing today, we're taking Smokey for his annual vet visit. Afterwards, I think we're going to go see I, Robot at the theater. I have no idea what we'll plan on doing after that.

Had great fun at Sit n Stitch, as always, last night. Worked on the Tabby Cat Sampler and finished up the row of queen stitches, the next row of letters, and started the row of montenegrin stitches. I might be able to finish it tonight, if we don't go out to do something else.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Random Thoughts

A few days of vacation

I am really looking forward to the next few days - seeing some movies, hopefully getting loads of stitching in, sleeping in late. Last night I finally got to the queen stitches in the Tabby Cat Sampler. I haven't finished that row yet, it's about 2/3 done. These are much smaller than the ones in Mini Mystery E, but they're still pretty. I am using Vikki Clayton silks, Midnight for the cat and the letters, and Midnight Rainbow for the specialty stitch bands.

We also have Smokey scheduled for his yearly checkup and vaccinations on Friday. I am hoping that he doesn't get too out of sorts when we go to the vet. That reminds me, I definitely need to trim his nails again before we go... He's been feeling pretty good lately. And Candy has been playing with him - he chases her around the house. As long as he can hear her running in front of him, he can bound behind her without too much fear of running into anything. He has adapted amazingly to the very little sight he has. He even surprised me last night - Candy was running through the house, Smokey right behind, and generally her "escape" is to jump up on something where Smokey can't. She jumped on the waterbed and then up to the headboard, and Smokey actually jumped up on the bed trying to find her. He did that a couple of times! Before the infection, just over a year ago now, he used to sleep with me on the bed (as does Rudy). Since the infection, he hasn't really shown much interest in even acknowledging that the bed exists, and if we put him on it, he tries to jump off as quickly as possible. I don't know if this is because it's a full-motion waterbed, and that messes with his equilibrium or what. One morning a few weeks ago, he was ready for me to be up and out of bed, and he did pop his little head up on my side of the bed (putting his front paws on the padded rail) and gave me one of his little meow-inquiries, so maybe he is just continuing to improve.

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since that infection, and we didn't even know if he would survive it, and if he did survive it, what his quality of life would be. I still feel bad that he can't see much, and know that he still struggles with things sometimes, but I'm so grateful he is doing as well as he is. I am also glad to see Candy and him playing again. He's so exuberant in his play sometimes. And he really does need to be able to exercise, run, jump, play. For the most part, Rudy tends to ignore him, which is really no different than before the infection. But he and Candy were pretty good buddies.

Candy and Smokey, sunbeam buddies, November 2002
Rudy, playing with catnip in the sunbeams, January 2003

I'll probably also finish up Messenger while on vacation. So far, it's pretty good. I'll have to search out and find another book for my treadmill walking. I'll be heading to the Sit n Stitch tonight, taking Tabby Cat Sampler with me. I'll post a new pic of it when I have my Happy Dance!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Snow Leopard's progress

Well, I finally made it to the bottom left hand corner of Snow Leopard. Funny how seeing the actual corner done makes me realize how much farther I still have to go before this big guy is finished. I'm guesstimating that he's about 60% done now, though that may be a little generous.

Snow Leopard progress

I get to pull out the Tabby Cat Sampler now, starting on Rotation Round 4. I
should be able to finish it up in a few days. Of course, I'm really looking
forward to the 5 days vacation I'm going to take starting this Friday!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week - One Finish

If you could only finish one of the pieces in your stash as it is at the moment, what would it be and why?

Wow, I didn't think the questions would be this hard! I am really in love with SO many in my WIP list, and also waiting to be kitted / started in my stash (obviously, else why would I have bought them in the first place?). Of all of my current WIPs, I think it might be Fantasy Sampler. I've loved that design ever since I bought it (just after I bought The Castle). But I'd hate to think I could only ever finish one more. Next to that, I'd have to say my Smokey (Moonstruck) piece, since it looks so much like my own kitty boy. Of course, neither of these is in my current rotation, but I think I've decided that they will both be the next in their respective categories.
In other news, I'm so glad to hear that David Tippin (4-year-old son of Stacey, of Perle Moon) was found safe. Missing 4-Year-Old Found

Monday, August 02, 2004

A nice, quiet weekend

I spent most of Saturday curled up on the couch, Snow Leopard in hand. Looking down at what I colored in, I probably put about 1200 stitches in (!) the lower left hand corner. Sunday I worked on him a bit more, in the middle of the design, but then got sucked into finishing up R is for Ricochet. Good book! I enjoyed getting caught up in Kinsey's latest adventures, this time with an ex-con as kind of a sidekick. I won't post anything else about it, just in case someone else is reading (or plans to read) it. I'm funny about spoilers - sometimes I want to know what to expect, and sometimes I don't.

We also watched several DVD rentals over the weekend - Three Kings (yuck - note to anyone who will listen - I HATE war movies - I HATE seeing people get their heads blown off, or any other body part for that matter), My Big Fat Greek Wedding (amusing, though not the hilarious romp I'd been told it was), and Shaft (he's a bad Motherhush your mouth!). I think I liked Shaft best of the 3, even though you could see things coming from a mile away. Probably just the mood I was in Sunday after the race.

Tonight will be busy, so I'm not sure how much stitching I'll get to do, but I want to put a few more in Snow Leopard before starting in on Rotation Round 4.