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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rotation the 10th, complete!

I'm very happy that I've been able to stick to a rotation for 10 rounds now, heading into the 11th. I finally found something that works for me! Here is my unicorn - he's waited for over a year and a half for my attention, and he's finally getting it. I've stitched all the way to the left side this rotation, and gave him at least part of a back. The navy jobelan can be a little difficult on the eyes because it is so shiny, but I've found that when I wear my new glasses, I don't have as much difficulty finding the correct place for my stitches.

I also completed another block of quilting on Scott's Ships today, so it is officially half-way quilted, yay! I think I'm going to try to ratchet up the quilting schedule on Scott's quilt so that I'll have plenty of time to get Gerrick's Windows on the Sea done by Christmas too. I don't expect it to be too difficult or involved, but I'd definitely like to have some breathing room, just in case. I'm thinking about my goals for May, but I don't have them written down yet - I'll probably do that the first of the week.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!

I hope your day is absolutely wonderful. You deserve it!

Yesterday during lunch, Mel and I went to visit the Stitchin Post in its new location. I had heard it was going to be a smaller space than they had at the mall, so I wasn't sure just what to expect, but I think I was expecting it to be a lot smaller than it actually is. They are still unpacking, of course, but they have a nice space, and it's well-lit. I may actually join them next Thursday for Sit n Stitch after work. I haven't been in weeks (maybe months now?), because of their moving and my schedule and general busy-ness. It's definitely time to get together with everyone again.

Last night I worked on the unicorn again, and I've just about finished up the area I'd decided to work on this round. I should be able to finish that up tonight, and then I'll move to the top of the list again.

I'm feeling quite good now about my decision to give up Summer's Magic. Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments! I'm still not sure what I'll do with it. Stitchin Post has had "treasure sales" in the past which were like consignment - so if they do that again, I may try it, or I might just try to trade it. It's not a big kit - just some fabric, the chart, and flossies. For now, it's just sitting in my craft room on top of the Tradewinds bag that I'm about to de-kit. I've already got so many Teresa Wentzler projects in progress, and a few more that I'd like to do one day, and Tradewinds is just not as high on the list of have-to-do's as it used to be. One of the hazards of pre-kitting projects, I guess.

I started reading a new book by Dean Koontz, written with Kevin J. Anderson - Frankenstein, Book 1: Prodigal Son. It's interesting so far, and quite unlike some of his recent ones that I've read. I noticed yesterday that they have already written a second book, scheduled for a Summer release, so I'd better get reading, eh? Actually he has quite a few books coming out already - 5 total this year. Oh, and I must have accidentally chosen the Large Print version when I requested it from the library several weeks ago. This might have bothered me in the past, but no more - it's actually very easy on the eyes now. Yep, I'm definitely getting older. But as they say, it's better than the alternative. :)

Happy Friday once again!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Winding down another one

It's hard to believe we're already near the end of another month - 2005 is nearly 1/3 gone.

Mom and I went to a Pampered Chef party last night. I ordered a couple of small things, and enjoyed my time there with the other ladies. After she dropped me off at home, C and I watched an episode of Friends and I knitted a few rows on the kitty bed (yes, I am still working on it!). It was definitely bedtime then, so not a lot of stitching to report, but hopefully I'll get a bit more in tonight. Not quite sure what I'll be working on, but it'll definitely be something in my rotation of projects. I have a new book on CD which I might start tonight too. :) It's game night, so the guys will be concentrating on Madden football, and I'll probably have some kitties vying for my attention before they settle down for their evening naps.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Positive and negative

So here we are, another weekend come and gone. I had a good time at Stitch Day with Mel and Katie, watching movies, stitching, gabbing, etc. I made some nice progress on the Spring Maiden, and finally took another progress photo - this one's too big for my scanner now, so I took a photo instead of piecing it together. Would you believe that she's still got quite a bit more leg to go? She is one tall, thin lady! I have a larger picture on her project page (click the photo). Before and after - sometimes it's hard for me to judge progress until I see it like this.


So, that was a positive this weekend. Another positive is that I finished quilting 4 blocks on Scott's Ships - it's now 47% complete! One more block and I'm halfway there (sans binding, of course). I was also able to get in my craft room and work on Teresa's quilt. I managed to get 6 blocks blanket-stitched Friday, and on Saturday I went to Joann's and bought some more thread (50% off) so I wouldn't run out. It's amazing, with all the sewing thread that I had, that I didn't have enough of the right colors. I was making do with some others, but then I started to run low on those... now I have some light yellow, mauve, peach, dusty pink, and a couple of light greens. Oh, and it's amazing how much better the stitching looks when you use the right foot for your machine. I was using an open-toed foot at first, but I noticed that it didn't have the "Elna" stamp on it. Apparently it's a generic foot that "works" with my machine. I looked through my manual and discovered that there is no open-toed foot for my machine. But I do have a plastic see-through [Elna] foot which works in almost the same way, and the pressure / tension is MUCH better.

Which brings me to a negative - last year at the quilt show, I purchased this thing called Quilt Wizard W2 - it's a plastic foot with two attachments - one a guide for ¼ inch seam allowance, the other a guide for stitch-in-the-ditch or sewing-on-the-line. I got rid of the receipt and packaging (but still have the little plastic box it came in) before I realized that it doesn't work on my Elna. It works on other Elna's as well as Brother, Kenmore, Janome, New Home, Singer, Viking, White, etc., machines, but it doesn't work on mine. I'd like to turn this into a positive, so if you know you could use it, send me an email (lissylaine at yahoo dot com). I'll send it free to the first person to respond.

Let's see - I have one other positive to report - I finally finished square #50 on my 63 squares afghan - I'm going to have to start putting them all together soon! Here is the picot stitch:

Square #50 - picot stitch

And sadly, I have one other negative to report. I've struggled with this for a little while now, but a lot more this weekend. I just can't work up the enthusiasm for Summer's Magic (the final Myrtle Beach 2004 class project) - either working on it or the finished piece. It's no reflection on the designer (Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams) - she's such a nice person, and I really like some of her other designs. In fact, I'm looking forward to starting the "Of Woods and Wilderness" design one of these days when I have fewer than 20 WIPs. :) At this point I'm not sure what I'll do with the UFO. Because she has released the chart, I might consider trading it for something else. I just know it doesn't do anything for me, and I'm trying not to work on things that I don't love anymore - leisure time is too short for that...

So I'm at least removing it from my rotation and StRIP list, and hopefully I'll figure out what to do with it soon. I'm not sure what I'll put in that spot, but I'm thinking possibly Fancy Pansy. I'll make the final decision later - right now I've decided to move on to Unicorn Mystique.

Friday, April 22, 2005

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Actually, it's raining (with some thunder and lightning now and then) here, and I've just gotten out of bed for my second day of quilting at home. Yesterday, I ended up having a few errands to run, but still managed to get two blocks quilted on Scott's Ships.

I think after I have some breakfast, I will work a little on Teresa's Baskets, stitching down those flowers and leaves, and then get back to quilting on Scott's.

I finally managed to get Trellis Sampler scanned, so here it is - I guess I could say it's at least 50% complete now. There are still some flowers to stitch in the center, but the trellis itself is complete, and all I have to do now is fill in all of the areas. I didn't pull the chequer filling stitch like I did the four-sided filling stitch.

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Seeing the bright side

After we got home from having dinner with my parents last night, I worked on Trellis Sampler while we watched some more Friends. I got the section I'm working on about 2/3 done. I should be able to finish that part up tonight and get back to the Maidens.

Joe told me that he's already got the parts in for my car (ordered them yesterday, they have parts delivered 3 times per day), so I expect it should be finished in a day or two.

C, of course, reminded me that I can take the Sentra to Paducah if my car isn't finished in time, but I'm still thinking that I will forego this trip. I'm actually starting to look forward to NOT going, but having 2 solid days of quilting time, just Alex Anderson (thanks to various episodes of Simply Quilts that I've taped on and off over a few years) and me. The kitties will love that too, they're such good little helpers! Oh, and I found the winners on their web site, so I still get to see some of the quilts...

I'm also hoping to calm my stomach over the next few days. I've had more frequent attacks of abdominal pain (I suffer partly from having a hiatal hernia) lately, and I have got to do something about it because the pain makes it difficult to concentrate on anything. I have already given up coffee, I am exercising more, I try to be more aware of my posture (slouching tends to aggravate it), I don't eat anything within 2-3 hours of bedtime, and I have tried eating smaller meals. I think that is the part I'm having difficulty with right now. I think the size of my meals has been creeping up a little, and that's a guarantee that I will feel terrible. So as of today I'm making another conscious effort to eat smaller meals more frequently. It's a lot harder than one would think. I seem to do better when I am at home (like on the weekends), except for that one time I snacked on the jar of cashews (my fave nut)... bad, bad girl who KNOWS better.

Oh, and I've been meaning to share this for over a week now and just kept forgetting - I'm so sorry that I didn't get to know my paternal grandmother better. I wish I'd gotten to know all of my grandparents better, but most of them passed away when I was a kid/teenager. But my paternal grandmother is probably the woman who passed down to me the quilting / crocheting / crafter gene. Anyway, I was talking to my mom the other day, who had been talking to my aunt (daughter of said paternal grandmother), and Mom learned that her favorite flowers were pansies. I never knew that, and never really had a favorite flower growing up. I discovered I love pansies around 1996 or so, about 3 years after she passed away. It's just another connection we have (or would have had).

Happy early weekend from me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Come again?

I took my car in to have it checked, thinking that all it needed was a little A/C refrigerant top-off. Boy, was I wrong! The air conditioning compressor has a leak, and it's going to cost nearly a grand to replace (there is no "fixing" it). I know, I know - that's what I have my car repairs freedom and emergency funds for, but I'm used to the "little" repairs that are usually under $500. At least I didn't take it to the dealership's repair shop - they most likely would have estimated my cost at 2,000 and found 3 other things wrong with it. Anyway, one thing you don't want to be without in the summer here in the South is a working air conditioner - in your car, in your house, wherever. I don't know how people got by without them before they were invented. I'm more cold-natured than the next person, but even I have my limits when it comes to heat, and I really feel for those who have to endure the heat without A/C today.

While I was waiting for the verdict, I got in just a couple of stitches on Trellis Sampler. Once I finish up this section I'm working on (the upper right specialty stitch - chequer filling), I'll do another scan. So anyway, I'm thinking... my car may or may not be ready in time for Paducah this year (I was planning on going up Thursday). It might be slightly disappointing, but maybe I should just wait for the Nashville show in August. With $1000 spent for car repairs, and the ever-enticing vendors at the quilt show, I might be better off just to spend the time at home (and save the money) working on quilts I already have in progress. I'd love to have some time off to do that anyway... we'll see how things go. It's not like I haven't been to the quilt show numerous times before. ;)

I worked on Maidens last night while we watched some more Friends - I love our DVD marathons. Now THIS is the way to watch TV. No commercial interruptions, back-to-back episodes.

Thanks again for all your great comments! I'm glad you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing / updating. Ann asked how big Merrick's chart is - I looked it up, and it is 200 x 302 stitches. For a time, I was keeping a database, so I actually have his information, but I haven't kept up with it because I got rid of a ton of magazines and some charts I had either already stitched and would not stitch again, or just decided I would not stitch after all. Besides, I'd rather spend my free time stitching than maintaining a database! :)

Monday, April 18, 2005

A bit of progress

Here is my weekend's progress on Merrick - the dolphin has a head now (and a little left fin), and I worked on filling in more of the green and blue of his robes.

My cousin's wedding was short and very sweet, and the reception afterwards was nice. I got to see a couple of aunts and uncles I hadn't seen in a while, and after the d.j. got away from playing the country music, they moved the tables and we danced a bit.

Yesterday's Cup race was plagued with wrecks at the beginning, taking out some of the competition. Kenny [Schrader] finished a lap down, but managed to inch up one place in the points. It is so hard to make your way up from the bottom, and I'm glad he wasn't involved in any of the multiple incidents (or blown engines).

Oh, and we watched a couple of movies this weekend - the first one, After the Sunset, was actually pretty good. I wasn't expecting it to be because I hadn't even heard of it until it hit DVD. The second one was one we had seen at the theater, Ocean's Twelve, and it was as enjoyable watching it the second time as the first. I really liked it - I might say even better than Ocean's Eleven.

We finished up last night by watching Friends, Season 5 disc 1 on DVD. Have I mentioned we're back to Netflix? Blockbuster was doing some really strange things with our queue - 3 times they sent things out of order (when the queue said that the next DVD in line was supposedly "available"). If we were watching movies, that might not be so bad, but when you've just finished up the 4th season, you don't really want to skip ahead to the 7th and then back again to the 5th. If it had only happened once, I would have thought it a fluke, but 3 times in 2 months is enough for me to return to Netflix. Sure, Netflix has a slightly higher price, and the turnaround time may not be quite as short as Blockbuster, but the quality of service and availablility of DVDs seems to be much better.

Oh, and tomorrow I get to take my car to the shop - I guess nearly 8 years is a good length of time for the refrigerant to last. We tried turning the air conditioning on on the way to the wedding Saturday night, and the air outside was actually cooler than the air blowing through the vents, so it's definitely time to have that serviced. Let's see - up next is either Maidens or Summer's Magic, plus a bit of quilting to do. The Paducah quilt show starts Wednesday, and I think I'm going to try to go on Thursday this year. Busy week ahead!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'm working on Merrick

but here is my latest Fantasy Sampler - I stitched a little of the left side border this time:

I'm going to go ahead and get ready for the wedding, then hopefully put a few more stitches in Merrick before we go. I should get in some good stitching tomorrow too, since all we've got going on is watching the race and doing some laundry. :) Happy weekend, my favorite time of the week.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Black Swan Designs Stitch-Along Time!

Just a quick reminder that this weekend is the Black Swan SAL weekend - I'll be working on Merrick as soon as I take a scan of Fantasy Sampler. I haven't gotten as far as I'd hoped, but the left border is starting to come together.

Tomorrow evening I'm going to a cousin's wedding, but other than that, I'm hoping to get in some good stitching on Merrick. Where to stitch, where to stitch... hmmm... I might work on the dolphin a bit! :)

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Nova! And cleaning up...

I went through a whoopsie - forgot to change the paths for all of the progress bars, so they should all be working now.

Micky, your comment posted both places, so you're good! Don't worry - you can count on your faithful blogger continuing to blog as always. I just wanted to make sure I don't lose all my comments, like I've obviously done with Haloscan (and since I already pay for web hosting and various other things, I'm a little stingy with paying for that too).

Julie, thanks - thanks for the advice re: Wordpress. If blogger works out, and as long as it's free, I may keep it, but I'll definitely check out my options. :)

Melissa, the knitted kitty bed pattern came from that wonderful book, Stitch 'N Bitch by Debbie Stoller. It's pretty easy for a newbie knitter (that's me too!), you're only doing the knit stitch, and so far all I've had to do is increase and decrease for the bottom part. The part I'm working on right now is straight knitting. Once it's finished, I'll have to do a little hand sewing, but I don't think there should be a problem with that. ;)

At long last, here is Nova... I can't believe how close it's getting!

And I think to avoid confusion (comments are working, yay!), I'm going to go ahead and turn off Haloscan comments. If you have any problems with commenting, you can email me (lissylaine at yahoo dot com), and I'll look into it.

Changing things - hang on!

I'm about to change my blog slightly, so things may be wonky for a little while. I've recently discovered that, because I don't pay for premium commenting service from Haloscan, they only allow me access to the last 4 month's worth of comments. :( I didn't like losing all my comments, so I'm moving to Blogger's commenting system.

I also thought I would enable post pages (where each post is on its own page, along with any comments made), so I'm working on that too. I'm not sure how long it will take to get everything figured out, so bear with me for a bit. Thanks! :)

Oh, and for the moment, I'm leaving the Haloscan comments link up until I make sure I've got Blogger's comments and everything else running smoothly. I know I should probably install Movable Type or some other blogging software, I just haven't gotten around to comparing the features and difficulties of each. Any comments as to those questions are welcome as well!

Falling behind

...with updating my Nova page, that is. I've taken a photo, and it's still on my camera waiting to be downloaded, resized, and added to my WIP page. Last night, C and I played a little more God of War (he finally beat that Minotaur boss, whew!), and then we watched Desperate Housewives and the last several season 4 episodes of Friends while I stitched on Fantasy Sampler. I was just too caught up in those things to get on the computer and do it.

I also knitted a few more rows on the kitty bed at lunch. It's going much more slowly than I had planned because I'm not concentrating on it - I probably have too many things going on (NO!)

It's Wednesday, so it's just a downhill slide towards another [hopefully] fabulous weekend from here!

Monday, April 11, 2005

I LOVE weekends

I really do. Especially when they are like this past weekend. Friday night was a double birthday party, out with friends, that didn't quite turn out the way we planned, but was a lot of fun anyway. I realized that one of our friends, Noel, has become the big brother I never had (I've got a "little" brother - 3 years younger and truly bigger than me, but still my little brother). C and I were watching an episode of friends about a week or so ago, one where Chandler and Monica (just friends at this point) were sitting really close in a chair, and he asked me if I had ever sat around with any of my friends that way, because, well, it just seemed a little too close for comfort. I couldn't remember that I had - I've only sat that close with boyfriends or possibly dates. He hadn't either, we rolled our eyes, laughed at the tv, and left it at that.

So we're out at this restaurant / bar, and we're about to leave in a party bus (converted from an old school bus - used for tailgating at football games a lot). They're making sure that all the lights work, etc., and a few people are getting on the bus. Noel and I are sitting on the couch, C's standing across from us chatting with some other folks, and I realize that we're sitting almost as close as Chandler and Monica were in that episode - and it's completely comfortable. It was just one of those funny little moments.

Of course, from there, the night went not-as-planned, as the bus had problems starting. They thought it was a battery, and tried twice to jump it off with the battery from Noel's truck. Unfortunately, we blocked a lane of traffic, and so it was just a matter of time before we received a little "help" from a couple of police officers. We ended up having the valet move the vehicle in front of the bus so that a different truck could pull in front of it (not blocking traffic this time) to charge the battery. They finally got it to start, only to find out that the taillights weren't working - only the brake lights and running lights. So they decided to park the bus farther away from the front of the restaurant and just finish the party there. I think it turned out to be a bad alternator, because the bus died again, just as they were parking it... but we had fun anyway, even though it didn't go as planned.

Saturday morning, I got up and finished Gerrick's quilt top. I really like how it turned out, and I'm looking forward to basting it together with the batting and backing, and then figuring out the quilting on it. But I won't be doing that until I finish Scott's Ships quilting - one at a time when it comes to quilting, otherwise, I'll never finish them!

I also finished up square #49, Lacy Wave stitch, and worked on Nova. Both Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous days, and we had the windows up so the breeze could blow through. C washed and waxed the cars, and we watched the races, and I even finished up laundry Sunday afternoon, so we had the entire evening for fun. We played a little more God of War, and I did some more stitching on Nova (a couple more squares on the bottom row). I think I might try to do a couple of extra squares each rotation, so it might be finished a month early! :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Web site evolution

I was thinking about how my web site has evolved over the years, and so I put together a new little section with screenshots and commentary. It was really interesting to go back and look at it across (really a short period of) time. Unfortunately, I don't have some of the earliest versions, but here it is: evolution

I also have a new scan of Sitting Pretty and of square #48 for my afghan - that thing is really coming along!

Happy Weekend, Y'All!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Busy little bee

And when you're busy, time just flies. I've been working on a few web projects (some at work, obviously, some at home), taking up a bit of my time. It's partially because of the amount of content and partially because of the whole "design" concept. Customers have one idea in mind, and when we communicate, I try to translate that into their web site, which usually does not look exactly like what their original idea was. So we go back and forth, tweaking, until we have something of a compromise, because usability is a huge sticking point with me. I don't care how "pretty" your web site looks, if it isn't functional and easy to use, it's not worth crap, and I don't do crap. Educating customers to usability is sometimes difficult. When I hear someone say, "can you make the text blink?" I just want to pull my hair out. Of course, that's just one of the smaller no-no's in web usability design.

Anyway, if you'd like to see what I've been doing on the side besides my own web site (and not my day job), have a look at Backyard DIY Guy (my dad's hobby site) and Midtown Gallery & Framers (this is now my frame shop - where Anita is now working - the site is not complete, but it's getting closer). I also did the original design for Brad Corcoran Photography (this link is to an archive copy on the Wayback Machine - they have since changed the background color from white to purple) and The CIFR Group, but they have taken over updates of those sites changed a few things (and messed up the layout a little, sigh). I probably have the original sites on disc and should take some screen shots before they become completely unrecognizable. I don't claim to be the world's best web designer (and my graphic design skills are quite amateur), but I think I create some nice, clean, usable web sites.

By the way - if you haven't heard of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, it's this nifty archive of web sites - you can search a domain name and it has "snapshots" - although that's not really the correct term - of the web site over time. Go check out how Yahoo has changed (and how it has not) over time. Or pick your favorite web site and see if it's gone through some major reconstruction. The archive's not complete, and lots of times there are missing images, etc., but it's pretty neat overall.

Last night I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends, our usual every-few-months-get-together at Captain D's. We had a great time (as we always do) catching up, gossiping, etc. Of course, it was basically an all-evening thing, so I got home and crashed into bed without doing any stitching whatsoever. I have been stitching on the little birdies some more, but I think after tonight, I'll be moving on to Nova, to get this round of the rotation on a roll.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Thanks so much for all your kind comments. I feel like this finish has been a very long time coming, even though a few others took even longer to complete. As promised, I allowed myself to start Sitting Pretty, and here it is after one afternoon's work.

I love the colors on this one, and I substituted star sapphire jobelan (thanks to Rindy for that!) for the white aida in the kit. Oh, and I must say - the chart is SO easy to read. I didn't have to enlarge it on the photocopier. And of course, it's black and white (and the backstitching chart is on another page - how nice is that?!), best for my eyes.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Snow Leopard happy dance!

I put the last few backstitches in him last night, and added his whiskers this afternoon - this pretty boy is finished, and I'm happy dancing around the house!

I think I'll go have a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie to celebrate. :)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Soooooo close!

First off, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! And Happy April Fool's Day. And Happy Payday for me. I'm looking forward to a great weekend, having lunch with a good friend on Saturday, possibly visiting the brother and his family, and watching NASCAR racing at Bristol on Sunday. The plan is to get some good stitching time in as well, and probably play a little more God of War with C (okay, so he plays, and I just watch and tell him where to go and what to do).

I actually finished up the cross stitching on Snow Leopard last night, and I started in on the backstitching! Maybe this weekend.......

Thanks for the comments on my whittling down post. Laura, I agree - I really should be able to keep all of my categories. It gives me a nice variety with the rotation, and I'm generally able to get through the rotation in one month's time. I do have that Small Projects / Samplers slot in there just for that reason - when I want to start something new, it's better to have it be something small that can be finished rather quickly (in comparison to the other WIPs / categories anyway).

Becky, I had to do that with a few projects some time ago - put them into my rotation just so I would finish them because they had been WIPs so long, and I didn't enjoy working on them so much, but I really wanted them finished. It does help when you try to do a little at a time and can intersperse them with projects you thoroughly enjoy. One of those projects was Haunted House. It seemed to go on and on forever, even though it's not that big. But now that it's done, framed, and hanging in my craft room, I just love it, and I'm glad I persevered.

Julianna, I know how you feel about The Castle. To add insult to injury - when I went to get it framed [at a place I vowed never to go in again], they completely ignored my instructions. The design is obviously meant to be framed/matted right up to the stitching on the right and left sides, and I told them that I wanted it done that way, with about a half inch to an inch clearance at the top and bottom (I can't remember the exact dimensions). When I went to pick it up, I discovered that they matted it with the half inch to inch clearance all the way around. It looked stupid and off, and just plain horrid that way, and they refused to fix it. They would not return my piece to me without payment, so I wrote them a check and immediately went and stopped payment on it and contacted them to let them know why I did that. That may not have been the best way to deal with it, but it's what I did (and they never attempted to contact me about it further). Later, I did what I should have done in the first place, and took it to my LNS. I decided just to have new mats cut, so the framing may look a little off, but it doesn't look anywhere near as bad as it did originally. In fact, I hardly notice it now.

Let's see - goals for March and April - I've come up with a bunch of things I want to do this month:

March goals:
  •  Crochet 3 more squares on the 63 squares afghan yes!
  •  Quilt four more blocks on Scott's Ships quilt yep, done!
  •  Knit at least 10 inches of the kitty bed's side - not quite - I now have 19 inches knitted
  •  Make it through the 9th round of my rotation yes, although Snow Leopard will bleed over a few days into April!
  •  Only start 1 project - a bookmark from one of the new Knotwork Bookmarks books (TW Designworks) yes, and finished!
April goals:
  •  Crochet 3 more squares on the 63 squares afghan
  •  Quilt four more blocks on Scott's Ships quilt
  •  Finish piecing Gerrick's quilt top
  •  Blanket stitch 6 of Teresa's basket blocks
  •  Knit at least 5 inches of the kitty bed's side
  •  Make it through the 10th round of my rotation
  •  Finish Snow Leopard
  •  Celebrate the finish by allowing myself to start Sitting Pretty