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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Unicorn Mystique

Here is the latest on Unicorn Mystique. I worked on the cliff in the lower left section.

Unicorn Mystique progress

I will be out of town for the next few days, so I don't know if I'll get any stitching done whatsoever (though I'll take a project with me in case I have some down time and energy to work on it). I'm headed to Reno, Nevada for the National Association of Government Webmasters conference, and I'm quite excited to go (well, except for the whole plane ride - my fourth cortizone shot didn't help at all, just like the third, so I have a followup with the surgeon in Charlotte, NC scheduled in a few weeks). Since I became part of a team of web developers a couple of years ago in a consolidation effort, I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with people who do the same thing that I do (I was the only one at my department before consolidation, though we did have someone developing web applications - totally different job). To have the chance to go to a conference and meet even more people who do the same thing I do is just incredible and would have been unimaginable a couple of years ago. The opportunity might not come again, so I decided I would deal with whatever pain I had to (during the flight out there and back - several hours each way) in order to meet these folk and learn some new things.

So, I'm almost packed, and I'm trying to decide what to do tonight. It's Game Night for the guys, so I might kick back and play a little more Resident Evil. The Double Wedding Ring quilt may demand some attention, though, so we'll see. I ended up doing both over the weekend. I can juggle several hobbies well if I ignore housework! :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm still here!

Though evidence may point to the contrary... I haven't been completely slacking, though I might go play some videogames this evening (Resident Evil 4, Zelda: The Wind Waker, Luigi's Mansion, who knows? :) )... or maybe I'll work on a quilt - I haven't decided yet.

Speaking of quilts, I finally dropped off Allison's Jewel Box at the quilter's today, and they said that quilts dropped off by October 1 were guaranteed for Christmas, so we should be good to go for that one (yay me). I have started working in earnest on the Double Wedding Ring and have a couple of new pictures to share - the pieces are in an order that make sense to me, and I have some more melons pieced.

Double Wedding Ring quilt, pieces on the wall
Double Wedding Ring quilt, pieces on my cutting table

I got just a little more wing work done on Aurora this round, and I've worked on the Xmas Tree Farm just because it's so pretty and I wanted to.

Aurora's progress this round
Xmas Tree Farm progress

I'm very grateful that my mother keeps an extra sewing machine or two around. This week I had to take my beloved Elna Carina to the shop for a checkup and tuneup (squeaking noises scare me), and Mom graciously allowed me to borrow her Pfaff Creative. I had never used a Pfaff before (and she has a Bernina as her primary machine - my niece has used the Pfaff over the past year for making blue jeans purses and such - what a wonderful Grammy she has). It has one feature I wish my Elna did - a 'needle-down' setting. I'm sure it has many other nice features, I just miss the familiarity I have with my machine. But it is so nice not to have to stop sewing for the week or two that mine is in the shop.

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend everyone, and Happy 39th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Autumn Maiden progress and Black Swan SAL weekend

Here is my progress on Autumn Maiden - love how the purple beads look - very cool. I'm not ecstatic about the way her hands look, but I didn't feel like trying to change them this time. They'll do alright, I think.

Autumn Maiden progress

And I don't think I shared my latest Grandmother's Flower Garden flower.

Red kids flower

It's that time again - the Black Swan Designs SAL weekend - so Aurora gets to come out for some more attention. I have also worked a little on the Double Wedding Ring quilt - cutting out some of the pieces. I still have quite a bit to cut out, and I'd like to get the pieces arranged before continuing with more piecing. I've also been working on the Xmas Tree Farm again - I've almost finished section 2. Lots of work going on, so more pictures to come. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Just some pictures

I have been playing more video games this past week, and haven't really gotten much done on any of my quilts or cross stitch projects. I don't think I shared my Xmas Tree Farm section one completed, so it's first. Then I thought I would share a few pictures of kitties - no new ones of Rudy or Candy, but here are recent Smokey, Stilts (no longer the scrawny interstate-rescue girl), and Midnight (finally!) pictures.

Midnight isn't really ours, but he stops by every week or so for some attention and a meal - he's very social. I should have a new Autumn Maiden picture to post in a day or two. Thank you so much for all the great comments about my quilt! Now to get to work on the Double Wedding Ring and another quilt, one for C's Mom. If only I can put down the video game controller for a couple of hours...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Worth the extra effort

Allison's Jewel Box quilt top pieced

Absolutely worth it. I think it would have looked unfinished without the "piano key" border. Now to piece the backing and save up a little bit o' money so I can take it to have it quilted. I am really proud of this one. It measures in at 92 x 108 inches. Oh, and I had to take it outside to photograph, because it wouldn't fit on my bed. ;)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back and forth


On again, off again, back and forth - my mind has been spinning in a never ending circle about Allison's quilt. Borders, then no borders, then smaller borders, then no borders again, and now I've decided that I'm going to do the borders again. I know, I know, make up your mind! [grin] Obviously this is something that has been bugging me, even before I "finished" the quilt top. I was afraid that the quilt would just be too big with the original borders. It is now going to be closer to king-sized rather than queen (and my original-original plan was to make the kids each a full-sized quilt). Oh well, she should be able to use it for a long time, and she shouldn't out-grow this one, so plans can be modified, right? Now I just need to purchase a king-size package of batting (fortunately I planned ahead and have plenty of backing fabric, which I haven't yet cut and pieced together), and get to work on those borders! :)

Cross Stitch:

I have been working some more on the Xmas Tree Farm, so I have a new progress picture to share. Even in the top section, there are a ton of details!

Section one progress

I love how it looks on this fabric, and have been really enjoying stitching it. I think as soon as I finish section one, I'll move it into the rotation.

And speaking of rotations (and in keeping with the title of this post), I have been waffling about Gothic Castle. This seems to happen every time I stitch on it. After the orange 14-count aida debacle, I decided to go bigger, and so started it a second time on 11-count ivory aida. I still like the design, but I no longer like it that big, and I no longer really enjoy stitching on it. When it has come up in my rotation the last couple of times, I have conveniently found other things to distract me, so that I get little, if any, progress on it. Oh, and I have also made it over to the upper right corner, and I have just slightly more than an inch of fabric beyond that. Apparently, I didn't measure properly when either cutting or starting (a bad habit of mine that I think I've since broken). So I think the time has come to put it away, at the very least out of my current rotation.