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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Progress on Cat's Eyes

So here's the latest progress on Cat's Eyes: not really as much as I'd hoped to see, but my next project is pulling me forward... Enchanter by Teresa Wentzler. I love the colors in that design, even though the majority of them are [you guessed it!] two-color blends. I took my quilt with me to work, as did my co-worker, and we enjoyed sharing them with each other and some of the other staff. Her quilt is so lovely and soft (entirely made of flannel, yummy!!!), and her quilter used a variegated thread for the quilting. Nice idea for the next quilt I take in to have done...

Oh, and can I just say that the song, "Don't cha," by The Pussycat Dolls really offends me. I can't stand it, and I have to change tv channels when I hear it in whatever commercial is using it these days. I hope I don't have too many rants, but that one just gets under my skin.

Thank you for all your compliments on Teresa's quilt . I'll have a while before I get to see her reaction, but that means I can share it with more friends in person until then!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Teresa's Traditional Flower Baskets quilt

It is finished! I put the last of the buttons on last night, and though I still have to sign and wash it, it is done. It will be a Christmas present for my sister-in-law, so I will have to wait to see her reaction, but I know that she will appreciate all the work put into it, as well as the design.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Progress on the quilt challenge

  • Thursday night I managed to get the quilt binding hemmed to about the halfway point.
  • When I put it up Friday night before bed, the quilt binding hemming was nearly ¾ finished, and I had attached buttons to a total of 7 baskets of flowers.
  • Tonight I'm working on a little binding hemming, then a little button attaching, back and forth. It keeps my hands from cramping as they tend to do when I'm just concentrating on the binding.

With two more days to work on the quilt (well, and a little more tonight), I think I'm on target to finish it. Tomorrow, I'll probably break out another book on tape / CD to listen to while I TiVo the races - C is going canoeing with the boys just for the day, and we'll probably end up watching them Monday.

It's been a nice relaxing weekend so far - we got the grocery shopping out of the way, I baked the chocolate cake C has been requesting for over a week, and I have just about everything laid out for some turkey chili tomorrow. Stay tuned for a photo (if everything stays on schedule!)...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's a quilt challenge

Okay, so I've got this quilt nearly finished for my sister-in-law (Teresa's Baskets), and all I need to do to finish it is hem the binding (I think I have one side done so far) and attach the rest of the buttons in the flower centers.

So, I was talking with a co-worker, and she also has a quilt nearly finished (about the same stage as mine, sans buttons). So, we decided that the plan is to bring them both in to work completely finished Tuesday. I can do this! At least I should be able to do this. So, it's a quilt challenge - thank goodness for the long holiday weekend.

Tuesday night I worked on Allison's quilt some more (piles upon piles of pieces) while I watched American Idol and then listened to my latest audiobook selection. Then Wednesday night I got sucked into playing Jak & Daxter, and had to force myself to stop at 10:30 p.m. I have the 'playstation' thumbs to prove it, lol. Who knows what will happen tonight, although I believe I will still stitch some more on Cat Eyes before posting a new pic.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Here is my progress on Aurora over the weekend:

I wanted to give her a face and some hair as well as fill in some of the other areas I had started on the last time I worked on her. Maybe the next time I'll get all of the cross stitching around her face done so I can define it with backstitching. Tonight I will get back to stitching on Cat Eyes.

Word for the day:
To fail to excite, stimulate, or impress.

Friday, May 19, 2006

My goodness - it's Black Swan Designs SAL time again!

I pulled out Cat Eyes (needlepoint) last night and started working on him a bit, but tonight starts our Black Swan Designs Stitch-A-Long weekend for May, so Aurora will get to come out to play for a bit. I'll get back to Cat Eyes again next week, and then post a nice progress photo of it too. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, no matter what you do!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Slugging along

It's Tuesday, and I'm wondering where nearly half the week has gone already! As promised, I have some progress on Magnificent Wizard. I love the colors in this design, as does C. It has been a long time since he last saw it - November 2002...

I went by Midtown Gallery & Framers today, and Anita and I picked out a frame for Merrick. As with Cymberleah, this frame should be perfect without a mat - some design and frame combinations just DO that. I'm looking forward to seeing it in a couple of weeks, and then adding it to one of my bedroom walls.

I worked on Allison's quilt a little tonight, but got distracted by chatting music with my dad - we both watched American Idol tonight, and I decided that the Bobby Caldwell song (What You Won't Do For Love) is one that I just have to have. Dad liked it too, and we talked for a bit about George Benson, Luther Vandross, and several others. But the conversation got started with him wanting me to identify a song [Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC]. I just love that my parents like quite a few of my favorite pop songs and artists of the 80's. We don't agree on all of our musical tastes, for sure - they listen to a lot more Country now, and I'm just not there, while I listen to more alternative rock lately, and most of that really turns them off. But music is such a part of our lives that I'm glad we can enjoy a lot of the same music when we're together. Sometimes we even dance to the same songs! :)

Think I'll go check out this new Stephen King novel I picked up at the library this afternoon, Cell. I haven't read any of his books since Misery, so I wonder if he'll be able to draw me into the story like he used to do.

Tomorrow night is Girls' Night Out at Capt. D's! I can't wait to get together - it seems like it's been forever again since we last did.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

One of those weeks

Ever had one of those weeks where it seems like you just make no headway on anything? Last week was one of those for me. I have gotten a little accomplished, it just seems as if it was nothing. I'll go ahead and share a pic of the 63 squares afghan still in progress, rows 1-7 seamed together so far (2 more rows to go, then the border to crochet). I've taken the opportunity as I've been seaming to go ahead and weave in ALL ends (didn't do that as I was creating the squares and all of the rows originally), so it takes a little more time, but it is definitely coming along. I should have a much better picture in a couple of weeks!

I should also be able to share a progress pic on Magnificent Wizard in the next couple of days - I just want to get a few more stitches in before moving on to the next project. As for quilting, I've been piecing a little of Allison's quilt, but have nothing to show for it except piles of half- and quarter-blocks. I got Teresa's quilt out and started hemming a little more of the binding, but only finished one length of thread before I went to bed the other night. I also finished reading (yes, actually reading) Hiding in the Shadows by Kay Hooper - loved it - of course, I'm a sucker for amnesia stories. :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dragon Ride

Continuing my reacquaintance project, I've visited with Dragon Ride for the first time in nearly four years, and here are the results: the rider is nearly finished. I didn't complete all of his backstitching, saving it for next time...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ex-rotatio inspiration

Because I've been pretty focused on my rotation for a while, trying to whittle down the sheer number of projects I have already in progress (and having done a pretty good job at reducing the WIPs!), there are several projects which have not seen a needle and thread in ... three - almost four years (Arabian Woman was one of those projects). That plus Melanie's recent drive to put stitches into her projects which haven't been stitched in a year or more has inspired me take another look at my WIP list.

I have a couple of projects which haven't been stitched since 2002. It has been a necessary step not to work on those projects, so I could really focus on a few at a time, but I really feel the urge to get some of these projects back out and work on them, making certain that I still love them and still want to work on them. I have already abandoned a few projects because they were either so overwhelming or because my tastes have changed, and once I reduce my WIPs to a manageable amount, I hope never to need to do that again.

Therefore, I dub this month (and maybe next, depending on my mood), Ex-Rotatio WIP Reacquaintance Month. In honor of that, here is Egyptian Sampler by Teresa Wentzler (and yes, I still have quite a few of those which are still in the beginning stages of stitching [blush]). I have completely stitched the scarab above the mummy now.

Friday, May 05, 2006

What a week

>After thinking I was all better Tuesday evening, I felt much worse Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I've been out sick nearly all week, and it has been no fun. My doctor has me taking some medication for a week in the hopes that my stomach will settle down. I haven't been able to do much of anything, including stitching - only in small bits, until this afternoon. I really hope to be back to normal next week! Meanwhile, here is Arabian Woman with a face:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wow, thank you so much for your comments about Merrick! I had a really great time stitching him, and look forward to enjoying Aurora, the project which will fill the Black Swan Designs slot next. For the time being, I decided to go ex rotatio and work on Arabian Woman a little. I've been wanting to stitch on her for several months now (and she's already a WIP, so it's not like I'm starting something else new, lol).

However, the past few days have been a bit rough, and I am only just beginning to feel better. I know some of it was work stress, but I think I've also had some sort of bug, and the stress probably magnified it a bit.

I actually watched Oprah yesterday and today, and I also watched Super Size Me (probably not the best thing to watch when you're sick at your stomach, but when I get it in my head to watch something or read, there's little you can do to stop me). I learned A LOT from yesterday's Oprah and from Super Size Me, and I plan to read Fast Food Nation soon. Most of the time I blithely pass through life not really thinking about food choices, other than 'what am I in the mood for?' But as I get older (and want that to continue [grin]), I find myself looking at it a little more closely. Today's Oprah with Teri Hatcher really hit home, and I'm glad she is so open about the abuse she was subjected to (and which she admits she also felt was partly her fault). Based on my own very short experience with one person as a child, which was nowhere near as bad as hers, but was bad enough as it was, I think it's much more prevalent than people think, because it goes unreported.

Okay, back to crafty items - I worked on piecing just a little more of Allison's quilt tonight, after I caught up the two weeks of 63 squares afghan joining that I missed because of other projects taking precedence. 5 of the 9 rows are now joined!

Thank you once again for your compliments! I just love sharing!!! :)