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Friday, June 30, 2006

Two TW updates

Magical Night and Celestial Dragon round out the ex-rotatio WIPs work I've been doing for the last two months.

I am picking up Merrick from my framer's this afternoon - I can't wait to see him! And then I look forward to figuring out where I'm going to hang him. My original thought was of course, in my bedroom with all the other wizards and dragons(especially all of the Black Swan ones), but I almost want to create an area for my water / sea designs. I'll think about it and get back to you. ;-)

Perfect timing - tomorrow begins a new month, and finally a new round of the rotation. I also plan to get back to working on my 63 squares afghan finishing, which I've put off while I went crazy the past two months. I know I don't say it enough, but thank you to everyone who stops by and reads my blog, whether you leave feedback or not. I appreciate you all! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Crochet and quilting updates

First off, Claudia - you go girl! I still love my Magic in Motion cross stitch piece - he's the first wizard and second fantasy design I stitched. He has a special place on the wall in my bedroom, and I'm so excited you are close to finishing your own!

I finally took a photo of my new oval doily, called Serendipity, in the Leisure Arts booklet, A Year of Doilies. The picture isn't that great, but I think it shows the color pretty accurately. I have no idea where I'll put it, but I was thinking possibly my dresser.

I spent most of this morning and afternoon working in my craft room on a couple of the quilts I have in progress - Allison's Jewel Box and CC's Flannel 4-Patch. I went ahead and placed some of the blocks up on the wall to see how it was coming along. Not bad, I think. I know I'm not assembling it the way most people do, but that's what happens when I see a quilt and decide to do it without specific instructions. I think it will turn out okay. ;-) I havent gotten to putting any more together yet on CC's quilt than the pieces into the little four patches, but it's coming - I'm getting closer every time I work on it. I finished listening to Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book Two, and I'm anxious for him to write Book Three. Please, please, Dean, don't leave us hanging like you have with the Christopher Snow Trilogy...

Stilts is doing well after her surgery. She's such a loving little kitty - will sit in my lap and go to sleep. We'll be keeping her inside for a couple more days to make sure her incision is okay, but so far there are no complications from her surgery. The stitches are on the inside, and she hasn't paid much attention to the area. Nothing like Rudy, who chewed out her stitches and made us take her to the emergency vet clinic on a Friday night. C still goes around saying how traumatized she must have been, having to wear a lampshade upside down on her head for at least a week afterwards. Truly, I think he hated it more than she did.

Okay, here are the latest pics of the quilts!

In cross stitching, I have Magical Night and Celestial Dragon out for progress, and then it will be back to my regular rotation. It has been good to see everything again, and I can tell that I am much happier with a smaller WIP list (half of what it was a couple of years ago). I definitely want to trim it down some more (with more finishes than starts, of course!), because 17 cross stitch projects is still too many for me. I don't know what will be my "magic" number, but at this point I'm thinking that it will be above 5 and below 10.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted! We went to Memphis, to the dog track and the zoo there, rescued a kitty, and I haven't gotten much stitching done at all. But I do have a small update on Avatar. I also finished another crocheted doily, but I haven't washed and blocked it yet, so no photo to share on that. Here is Avatar:

Stilts has come through her spay surgery fine and is now up-to-date on her vaccinations. C was driving home from work last Thursday afternoon (the night before we went to Memphis), and spotted her on the side of the interstate trying to jump up on the concrete barrier to the off-ramp. He was able to get her in the car and bring her home. She has these really skinny, long back legs, which is how he came up with her name. We don't have the room in our house for another cat, so she will have to be an outdoor kitty as soon as she's recovered from surgery. We'll probably get her some sort of 'house' for shelter from the rain, etc., and put that on our deck, since Midnight (have I not mentioned we've been feeding another sweet little boy kitty on our front porch for several weeks?) has claimed our front porch. I don't have any photos of him yet. Okay, so at least I got a picture of Stilts last night.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Black Swan Designs SAL

A little early, but it's the Black Swan Designs SAL this weekend! I am going to bring Avatar out and work on him a little, but probably not until Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I've got a nice long vacation weekend, and we'll be doing some activities Friday and Saturday, so I probably won't have much chance to play with Avatar until then.

So, what have I been up to since I last blogged? Well, not a whole lot of crafty things... I have started another doily, and I've made it to round 5, I'm still getting in a couple of rows of knitting about daily on the scarf I started over a week ago, but not much more than that. And I've pieced and pressed a few more blocks on Allison's quilt, but there's not much new to show off.

The reason why there's not so much crafty progress? I was bitten by the videogame bug again Tuesday (it's all a coworker's fault!). I was blown away by the new handheld videogames he was showing me on his new Nintendo DS Lite. And of course, there is a Castlevania for the DS. And there's this game called Brain Age - training for your pre-frontal cortex and memory and all that, and it's just all so much fun that I've been obsessed with it since I brought it home Tuesday night. I realize now that I've got the DS that my Gameboy Advance has something wrong with it - the contrast of the screen would get so light after playing for about 20 minutes, and it doesn't do that at all with my DS. Justification for the new game system? :)

Anyway, I probably won't get to post again until at least Monday. Happy weekend all!

Oh, and zoeandcooper - Pageant Kings is by Sandy Orton, and it was in the Premier issue of Treasures in Needlework magazine (now OOP).

Sunday, June 11, 2006

One little finish

Recipe for Repose doily

Sometimes the nicest things happen when you run out of crochet thread. I love how this one came out - I edged it in an ecru/metallic gold thread, and it turned out nicely. Oh, and here's the latest on Pageant Kings!

Pageant Kings progress

Friday, June 09, 2006

You've heard it before...

But I'll say it again: TGIF!!! It has been a pretty stressful week, and I am so glad the weekend has arrived. I haven't been able to get much done on Pageant Kings, but I'm nearly done with my doily. It has a slight variation from the model / pattern because I ran out of thread in the color I was using. But I like the look of my modification, so hopefully I'll get it finished this weekend and wash and block it so I can share it with you. :)

We're planning to see X-Men 3 at the theater this weekend, and I'll be taking along my cushion and pillow. I hope I can make it through the movie without hurting too bad. Talk about putting a crimp in my lifestyle. ;-) Other than that, I just want to relax, do a little stitching, maybe a little reading. I'm winding my way through Kay Hooper's Bishop series, and I'm quite enjoying them.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mother's Arms

June? Already? Al-righty then. Well, I'm still visiting older WIPs, and Mother's Arms by Mirabilia is the latest. I love the colors even though (once again with Mirabilia) they are softer than the model photo shows.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback regarding magnifiers. I think I need to try out a few more at my LNS. I haven't been to Sit n Stitch there in a long time (practically since my tailbone problems began), but I'm sure I could test drive some of her magnifiers on a Stitch Night to see which one might work best for me.

Next cross-stitch project to see the light of day after a couple of years: Pageant Kings.

Oh, and Leslie - about the Enchanter kit - I like it so far. The floss and fabric seem to be of decent quality, even if the fabric won't have my usual 3" cushion all the way around. I'm hoping that I will have plenty of floss - we'll see! :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Here is my little bit of progress on Teresa Wentzler's Enchanter (using all kit materials). I love the colors in it - even all of the blends. Make that especially the colors of the blends.

I'm glad it's the weekend. On Wednesday I started two new projects - but not cross stitch or quilting. I bought some yarn at my Joann's, which is moving about 15-20 miles away. It will be a bigger store, not the ETC, though. But, instead of moving all of the current inventory, they are just selling everything (at clearance prices of 40-70% off this week). The yarn was 50% off, so I bought a couple of novelty yarns, and I'm working on another knitted scarf with 2 cream-colored yarns. I also decided it was time to work on another crocheted doily, so I found a medium-sized pattern in one of my Decorative Crochet magazines, and started it with some crochet thread I picked up at a yard sale some time back. Fingers crossed there is enough to finish it! :)

Leslie, I use my magnifier if I am working over-1 on 28 count and smaller. If I'm working over 2, I find my glasses are sufficient (for now anyway...). I have two different ones I use - a magnifying lamp that my mom and dad bought me for Christmas years ago. I think it is like a Dazor, but it is another brand or generic. The lamp part really helps the magnification. I also recently purchased a little magnifying glass with a stand, but I'm not sure I like it (it's a little hard to use). I'm thinking of trying out one of those that you can hang around your neck. Anyone else have some experience they can share? I'd appreciate any reviews or feedback!

Happy weekend stitching for everyone!