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Monday, February 26, 2007

More Aurora progress

progress through February 25

Her right wing isn't quite finished yet, but I wanted to take a photo to share my progress so far. I ran out of 3811, but fortunately had another skein in my stash, so I wound it on the bobbin and proceeded to finish out that color of her wing. I also worked just a little more on her dress and a tiny bit of the border.

I finished another heart - just LOVE these little things. This is Cupid's Touch heart, and I substituted beads again (little hearts I had on hand), and I didn't have a cupid charm, and wasn't sure of what to do with the area, when C suggested I put our initials there. I think it's perfect now. :)

Cupid's Touch Heart by Sweetheart Tree

I started the Acorns in Autumn heart last night. The really cool thing about these (in my opinion) is that I'm only using what I already have in my stash, so I'm StRIPping even when I'm not working on my big WIPs. Yikes, I really need to update my site - some of the pages, such as finishes, need the 2007 information!

Anyway, just wanted to share - hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A couple of little finishes

First, this week I started and finished a Sweetheart Tree heart - I've been concentrating so much on big projects (cross stitch and quilting combined) that I began to feel the need for a small finish or two. This is Springtime Violets heart, and I substituted a little flower bead I had on hand for the charm that the design specified.

Springtime Violets heart

Then I received the neatest, sweetest gifts in the mail, one of which was this little Snowman kit. I started and finished it this week too, and I think it is so cute. Thank you again, Ann!

Snowman from RICO design kit

I decided I haven't had enough little bitty happy dances, so I started another little Sweeheart Tree heart, Cupid's Touch (a little late, but hey, it's still February, right?). I plan to work on Aurora again tomorrow for our Black Swan Sundays stitchalong, but for now I'm just enjoying the little things. ;-) It has been a whirlwind week work-wise, and I'm so thankful I have some great hobbies and even greater friends to help me relax!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's amazing

that it can be snowing as hard as it is in Nashville right this minute, and that we have nothing to show for it but some wet streets...

I'm glad we went grocery shopping last night on the way home from work. We're all set for tacos tonight, and shrimp cocktail and bratwurst for the Daytona 500 tomorrow. Happy icon

Once I finish cleaning up some stuff on my web site (lots of blog links that are broken, yikes!), I plan to work a little more on Autumn Maiden today then Aurora tomorrow. Everyone stay safe and warm (or cool down under) out there!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Checking in finally!

Wowza, time just flew by again. Saturday I went to my LQS and picked up my second SSS quilt block kit, and of course, I had to put it together! The pattern is card trick.

SSS Quilt Block for February, Card Trick

I also finished up two blocks for my 3rd month of the Afternoon Tea block-of-the-month quilt.

Afternoon Tea Block of the Month quilt, block 3

After reading a recent entry in Be*mused's quilt block, I went to Michael's and found just about the perfect storage for my block-of-the-month projects (the completed blocks). It's 14 inches square and 3 inches deep. They sell similar storage containers in some quilt catalogs, generally for around $16 each. I got mine for half that. This will really help keep the completed blocks nice and tidy.

Iris scrapbook paper storage containers that I'm using for quilt block storage

The work project is continuing strongly, and we are making good progress, there is just still a lot to do. I continue to improve little by little with my tailbone, but my latest "injury" is my neck. I know that sometimes I overdo things, but I must have really slept wrong or something because my neck went wacko on me the other day. I didn't do any doodling at all last night. I sat in the chair and watched tv. That is SO hard for me to do! My chiropractor worked on it some yesterday, and we'll be working on it again tomorrow. I'm doing my best not to aggravate it.

I did work on Aurora a bit last Sunday, and I've dragged my Autumn Maiden back out for a little bit of attention. With just about all of our tv shows back on, I haven't had any time for gaming, but I hope to get a little in this weekend. I really miss my Zelda. :) Thank you all for checking on me, and I hope you have a wonderful week!