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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another month come and gone

May 31 - this month (heck, this year) has gone by so fast. This week will be busy with work, the quilt guild meeting, and a machine quilting class.

For those of you who noticed, yes, that is a new picture of me. I haven't changed my glasses frames, but I have changed my hairstyle (and it's been that way for a while now), so I decided it was time for the update. It's one of those angled bobs (shorter in the back than front), and I love the way it looks and the ease of styling it (the shorter time I spend primping, the better!). :)

I have stitched all of the top part of my Winter Maiden chart, so it was also time for a new picture of her. Here she is (it's a long one):

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Addicted to a new video game

I bought Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga, and I'm having SO much fun with it! Quilts and cross stitch and everything else will just have to wait a few days. :)

Edited to add: My WiiFit is on it's way! I just got the shipping notice, and I can't wait to "play" with all the yoga, balance, strength training, etc. I was lucky enough to find a deal online after everyone had stopped taking pre-orders. And I didn't have to pay more than MSRP, yay! :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

SSS 2008 Block 5

Solitaire Star

This past week and weekend I've been playing mostly with quilts.
  • I've pieced together a few more hexagons for my Grandmother's Flower Garden.
  • I've been quilting on some of the outer circles of the Double Wedding Ring.
  • I now have 13 t-shirts fused and cut into squares ready to start piecing into the t-shirt quilt (I got the backing fabric for the quilt - Oakland Raiders - this week too).
  • And I've got all of the colors cut out and started piecing for Delaney's Snow Puzzle.
I'm really looking forward to the holiday and a three-day weekend to get more accomplished. And my machine quilting class is coming up real soon, yay!

Oh, and yes, I really do enjoy the Cotton Theory method of quilting first then assembling. Granted, I don't want to do that for all quilts, but I love the look, and it's another way for me to do the quilting myself. I look forward to making my full-size quilt from the kit fabrics I bought last August one of these days. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's the project I couldn't reveal until after I'd given them to my mom today. I made her a set of reversible placemats with that Cotton Theory technique. The front side is pinks and the back side is greens.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Winter Maiden

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on Middy. Instead of taking a break, I started a new project, and I'll be able to share that with you on Sunday. I also dove right into working on Winter Maiden, and I have a new progress pic to share.

I've gotten a little more done since this picture, and she's almost halfway complete.