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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wanting a holiday rebate

C and I have both been down with sinus infections since early in the week. It has made for a pretty miserable holiday weekend. But at least I've been able to stitch, so here's what I've been working on.

Proof that I've started my Prairie Schooler ABC Quilt - J is for Jack-o-Lantern.

I also started Take Time to Quilt (Jeannette Douglas Designs), and was surprised at how small it really is (64 x 64 stitches)

I'm changing all of the fibers to use what I have on hand, even using an unknown Dinky Dyes silk from an Oops pack acquisition from a couple of years ago. It's the color that counts, right?

Not a great picture, but some new progress on Magnificent Wizard, which hasn't seen the light of day for about a year. It's still q-snapped, and I plan to work on it a little more before moving on to the next project.

CC helped me wind some more yarn (he's a great skein holder), so I've started on the second third of each scarf today.

And I finally found the other floss ring tag that I started back at Moonlight Stitching in January 2009 - it was supposed to be my first, but I never got around to finishing it. Well, it's finished now, thanks to my crop-a-dile. I didn't use the kit fabric for the backing, just a white-on-white fabric that I think looks pretty good.

At least I've been able to stitch, because I haven't been able to do much else this weekend. If I couldn't stitch while sick, I think I'd just be crazy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Social Stitching

Last night I went to 2009's last Moonlight Stitch at my LNS, had a wonderful time with the girls, and actually finished block #8 of my Waterlily Pond Quilt. Pat E made taco soup, but I had a nearly overfilled bowl of white chicken chili that Mary H made, yum!!

I've also been working on Mother's Arms for a couple of weeks and here is my latest progress on it. I finally added the 4 rows at the top that Kathy N added to hers. After she finished hers (back in 2001), I emailed her and she was gracious enough to send me the 4 rows top and bottom that she hand-charted. I think it looks much better without the scalping. :)

One more pic - I bought a Crop-a-dile and made my first floss ring tag from some beaded designs I stitched several years ago. Top picture is front view, next picture is reverse.

Julie was at the Moonlight Stitch, and she was working on her Prairie Schooler ABC SAL project. I've had two of these charts for a while now (J-K-L and M-N-O), and knew that I would get around to them one of these days. Well, that day is arriving soon, because I'm going to join the SAL also. I want to do another cross stitch quilt, because I was inspired by the quilt in the 5th picture down in this post from the Knowledge and Needles retreat that Dani attended.

So I will be revamping my cross stitch rotation soon, removing quite a few of my current WIPs that I haven't worked on in a while (not from WIP status, just from my current rotation, which has pretty much been a screaming one lately). I want to start the other two projects I mentioned earlier, plus participate in the SAL. I know, I know, I go back and forth on starting new things / not starting new projects. I'll admit it, I'm fickle.

But I want have to finish 3 scarves first. I received my yarn package in the mail Monday, and here is my start of all three.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend update

We awoke last night to the sound of water running in the bathroom sink. Unfortunately, we haven't yet trained the cats to turn the faucets on and off. So we went out and bought a new faucet today, and it looks like my dad will be installing it on Monday. I always thought the old one was ugly, but couldn't justify the cost of replacing it just because I didn't like it. Now we'll have one that is a little prettier and a taller profile (easier to get your hands under for washing).

Mid-November... hard to believe. And I just did something like I do almost every year. I decided to make crocheted scarves for my nieces for Christmas.

I. Am. Insane.

I should get the yarn mid-week (they shipped it priority mail), so I'll start the first one as soon as I get it. I'm glad I already received my yarn ball winder in the mail last week, because I'll definitely need it. Here are the three colors I got, orchid, stone, and zinnea.

Orchid Stone Zinnea

Cross Stitch
Here is the latest progress picture of Stilts, between 40-50% complete at this point.

I picked up my block of the month today, plus the final finishing kit (of 3) for the quilt top. I put together the block this afternoon, Sister's Choice. While I was at the quilt shop, I saw what they are planning to do for next year's block of the month, and sigh of relief, it just isn't for me (which helps me retain the resolve not to do the block of the month for 2010). They have 2 colorway choices - patriotic red/white/blue or red/green/gold and they plan to use fabrics that are more Civil War era. Neither of those appeal to me (nor does the pattern mockup they had printed out), so I'll be sticking to my plan of making the paper pieced quilt basket blocks each month. That will be plenty along with my Blocks from the Past quilt plus all the other things I'm working on.

Other Sewing
Kitty Stilts lost her pillow (fortunately TEMPORARILY, we found it a few days ago), which is like her baby or something. I tried to make her a substitute and filled it with fiberfill and catnip. She batted it around, but just didn't take to it like her pillow. Then Candy found the little one I made and she had a ball with it. But it was really too small to hold with her front paws and kick with her back paws, so I made her a longer one, and she really enjoys it.

I'm going to stitch up the the Schnibbles Tuffet pincushions that I finished quilting and stuffing earlier today. It has been a very productive day!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Summer Scarf finished

My summer scarf is finished and I am thrilled with the pattern and color. It took less than a week to crochet, and I'm wondering if the nieces would like scarves like this for Christmas. I'm pretty sure if I got started on them, I could get three finished in time. Not sure that my nephew would appreciate a scarf like this though. I'd have to think of something different for him (or at least a different pattern / yarn).

I've been working on square #8 for my Waterlily Pond quilt this weekend. I'm hoping to get it finished in the next couple of days, then move back to working on Stilts or one of the quilts. I also signed up for Moonlight Stitching this month, so I look forward to seeing Cheryl, Julie, and all the girls in 2 weeks.

It was a great weekend, hope yours was too!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

First Tuesdays of the month are my favorite Tuesdays

Why, you ask? Because it's the day my quilt guild has their monthly meetings, and I LOVE my quilt guild. I work half a day and take off half a day so that I can go and hang out with my quilt buddies, catch up, maybe learn something new, and see all the FABULOUS quilts that guild members have made.

It's usually a very energizing and inspiring morning, and no matter how I'm feeling, it always lifts my spirits.

I borrowed a grommet tool from my friend Sallie, hoping to use it on the Charm Candy Tote (to finish it), but unfortunately it didn't have the right size attachments.

So... I decided to give the tool that came with it one more try. I took it outside (I had been trying to use it inside, on the floor, thinking I was whacking it good enough), and after ruining one more grommet, I finally got one pounded in. Then another, then the third and fourth. It's far from perfect (and I pounded so hard and missed the grommet one time that the fabric is a little unsightly in one area), but it is finished!!!



Sunday, November 01, 2009

Summer Scarf

Way back in February 2008 I bought some really pretty (and soft) Merino wool for a spring / summer scarf. I also bought the knit pattern that the model used and attempted several times to knit it. Unsuccessfully. Every time. And I finally shelved it because it was so frustrating.

Fast forward to Halloween weekend 2009. I've been thinking about that beautiful yarn and wondering how I could play with it without frustrating myself all over again. I really, really, really wanted to make a pretty, lacy scarf out of it. And then I realized that I don't HAVE to try to knit it.

I picked up my Harmony Guide to Crocheting (it has something like 500 crochet patterns), and found a pattern very similar to one I've done before. So I ripped out the little bit of knitting and started crocheting. Here is the scarf so far (through 1 of 3 skeins):

Oh, and a shout out to my favorite NASCAR driver, Jamie McMurray - congratulations on your win at Talladega today!!!