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Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 nearly done

Hard to believe it's the end of another year. I don't feel like I've accomplished as much this year as I have in years past. But I know that I have finished quite a few projects.

I didn't get a blog post finished before Christmas, but I did finish the 3rd scarf for my eldest niece. The scarves were a hit (though the quilt was a little bigger hit for my youngest niece, who finally received her "big quilt"). Here is Alli's scarf:

I finally put together my December block of the month, so now I just need to get all the blocks put together with the setting kit. This is Cross and Crown:

Another update for Magnificent Wizard - this time out of the Q-Snaps:

The ornament in the last post was definitely an ornament, though we didn't put up a tree this year (timing, energy, etc.). We had stockings for the kitties, and they all enjoyed Christmas very much. Christmas Eve was spent running around to visit with family, and Christmas Day was very low-key, just CC and me hanging at the house, watching movies and reading and playing video games (and playing with the kitties). This weekend has been perfect, and I really hate that we are going to have to go back to work tomorrow. We're looking forward to having New Year's Day off, and may go see Avatar in the next couple of weeks.

I hope that 2010 is better for everyone. I know that 2009 has been really hard on a lot of people, so here's to a hearty recovery in 2010. May we all prosper and be at peace.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas ornament

Holly Wreath Ornament (Mill Hill). Started and finished in two days. This was supposed to be a pin, but I made it into an ornament instead.

Still working on the final scarf - it's about 80% complete now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre-Christmas vacation finishes (so far)

Several months ago I decided to take a few days off before Christmas, just in case there were things I needed to finish before the big day, and it's a good thing, because we're coming down to the wire and I had several things left to finish. I'm happy to say that 3 things are done and just one is left to go.

I finally got my rear end in gear and pulled fabrics back out for Tori's coordinating pillow (for the Hexagon Beads quilt). Here is the result (front and back):

And here are the first two scarves finished - just one left, and it's 2/3 done:

Stilts disputes that they are for my nieces...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Taught my nephew to crochet today

Today hasn't exactly gone as planned, but that's okay, because I was able to spend some quality time with my 14-year-old nephew (he and my brother came over while the girls went to a baby shower in town). He has been knitting with one of those knitting machines (in the round, I believe), and he mentioned wanting to learn to crochet when we were both at my parents for dinner last night. I told him that I'd be happy to show him how to crochet, and I got my chance today.

We started out with the basic chain stitch, then I showed him how to single crochet into that chain and turn and single crochet into the single crochets. Then he asked how to do a granny square, and I thought I'd really have my work cut out for me. But he's a really bright kid (he has already read the entire Twilight series twice), and his attention span is much longer than it used to be. And in no time, we had joined the chain and were making double crochets with ease. He complained that his tension wasn't as good as mine, and I told him it just takes practice - after all, I've been doing this for 16+ years now, so I've had a little more practice than he has. He left, taking his new granny square to show his mom and teachers. I felt like we really made a connection and had a great afternoon doing something enjoyable.

After he and my brother left, CC helped me wind the remaining balls of yarn for the scarves, so I have no excuse (in other words, no more Zelda: Spirit Tracks or Lego Indiana Jones tonight!) - I must get back to those scarves. I'd really like to get them finished up by next weekend.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mid-December already

Time has flown by again, and I was surprised to see that it's been almost two weeks since the last post!

I am 2/3 finished with each of the 3 scarves for my nieces. I have been furiously working on them to make sure they are completed in time. We have one more ball of each color of yarn to wind, then I can work on finishing each one - I should be able to do it if I concentrate! :)

Picked up my last block of the month for this year, so hopefully I'll have that put together pretty soon. Then I have the finishing kit #3 to put together, after which I can assemble the rest of the quilt top. Still trying to decide who the lucky recipient of this quilt will be...

I got the rest of my Prairie Schooler ABC charts in the mail Friday, so I am all set (not like I was waiting impatiently - I had 6 designs to stitch before I NEEDED the others). But it's nice to see them all anyway.

I've also worked just a little more on J is for Jack-o-Lantern, and here's my progress so far.

Mom's having her Thanksgiving / Christmas dinner this weekend, so I'm really looking forward to some turkey and stuffing, and of course, visiting with my folks.

Thanks to all for the well wishes, I think I am finally over my infections, and C's only got a bit of a cough lingering.