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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My first Biscornu

In January I went to my LNS' Moonlight Stitch. The owner usually has a little make-it take-it for everyone to do, and this time it was a little biscornu. I've admired these, but never made one myself (though I have a pattern kitted up to do from one of JCS' Christmas issues). I got it stitched while we were there, but didn't finish it until just this week. It looks a little lopsided to me, and I think that's because of where I stitched the dimple. But it's finished, and that's the important part!

A couple other pictures I haven't shared (one I'll need to retake) are of some of the cross stitch pieces I had framed at the end of 2009 / beginning of 2010. Here are Butterfly Song, The Sun Sets..., and a corner of the second Mirabilia Halloween Fairy (aka Trick or Treat). It was really hard to capture a good photo of Halloween Fairy because the frame is really dark (like a dark cherry) and glossy, and the weather and lighting have not been cooperating. :)

The frame for The Sun Sets... is a charcoal gray. When I was first looking at frames, I had thought something washed out would look good (like beach-y wood), but everything we tried just washed the design out. I really like the charcoal gray frame - it's simple and not overpowering.

Oh, and I should have another cross stitch update pretty soon - I've been stitching on Avatar some this week, and I'm about ready to get back to Kitty Litter. No quilting going on at the moment - it's all about the cross stitch.

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