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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sigh, I have some real work ahead of me

I just read that as of March 26 this year, Blogger will no longer be allowing / supporting publishing via FTP. They offer two options (Custom Domains like or Blogspot hosted like I don't think I like either of these options (neither allows me to keep and neither allows me to keep everything on my server), so I have some research and work ahead.

For those of you who use your own hosted server, what do you use and why? Let me say in advance, I do not know PHP or JavaScript, but I'm well-versed in HTML, CSS, and know a little ASP. I would be willing to learn PHP if the learning curve isn't extreme, and obviously my timeframe is more limited than I'd like.

Oh, and I'm tech support for my quilt guild's and my father's blogs, so I'm going to have to figure out something there too - and I JUST got my father to start using his blog a little. He's not as computer-geeky as me, so I've got to make sure whatever I do for him is something I can support.

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