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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cross stitch and curtains

While we were holed up in our bedroom for the two weeks of floor replacement, I worked solely on Mirabilia's Mother's Arms, and have some good progress to share!

I decided to fill in the blank spaces, based on hubby's comments and my own dislike of those parts of the design.

And here are the panels - not yet quilted, but much closer to being ready for the new kitchen colors. Since we painted the living room, hallway, and back bedroom (and subsequently aggravated my shoulder just a smidge), I'll probably wait a month or two to do the painting in the kitchen.

I really love how they are turning out!

Life is starting to get close to normal

Well, as close to normal as it can get for me, that is... :)

The computer has been packed away during the last two weeks along with the rest of the furniture from my back bedroom, living room, and dining room while they ripped up the damaged hardwood and installed the new, and we painted. Just a few pics - it has been a very exhausting couple of weeks.

They had to put down a concrete base to even out the subfloor once they ripped out the hardwood

We painted the back bedroom first

And changed it into an office / exercise room (it was an office / guest room, but we don't have guests over to spend the night)

Then we painted the living room and hallway

And finally got to move furniture back into it

We got rid of the old barrel chairs that the cats had pretty much destroyed in favor of this one - which Stilts immediately claimed

We also ordered a new couch, to replace the one in the photo above which is pretty much falling apart. It's had a fairly long life - nearly 30 years, and it was time to replace it. :) Can't wait to get it, get the needlework and pictures back on the walls, and figure out window treatments for the two rooms (simpler is better, but I want something more than just the mini-blinds).

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Spooky House progress

When I've been able to cross stitch recently, I've been focusing on Spooky House. I've put in some more of the backstitching, and it really brings it to life.

I'm going to work a little more on Mother's Arms again next. :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

One thing leads to another

Back in April we had a water supply line burst, which resulted in us having to replace our kitchen tile, among other things. We chose a different color for the new ceramic tile, and I'm really pleased with how it looks on the floor.

What I realized after the tile was installed is that I no longer like the wall color with our new tile color. I think the greenish yellow just doesn't go with the beige tile.

Immediately my mind went to work, thinking of what color I might paint the kitchen. I came up with a couple of different colors at first, but I kept coming back to a pumpkin / burnt orange (something like DMC 921, 922). I ran to Lowe's and came home with a bunch of paint chips, which I promptly taped to the walls.

Of course, I also realized that once I paint the kitchen, my roman shade will no longer go with the new colors.

So I'll need to make a new curtain for that window. A friend said she knew that I'd come up with something quilty-cool (or something like that), and all at once, the challenge was on.

My mind started percolating the ideas (quilt-curtains? srsly? isn't that a little weird? no? okay!), and I liked this one best:

Remember Delaney's Snow Puzzle quilt?

I love these blocks. I still think they are just SO pretty. And then I thought - ooh, how pretty they'd look in a bunch of orange / red-orange / coppery fabrics.

And THEN I thought, but ooh, what if I added some turquoise too? Because turquoise is, you know, across the color wheel from orange-red (complementary color). I used to HATE this color combination, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get.

So I started pulling fabrics. And I bought some more fabrics. And I cut them out.

And I bought some lining fabric and some clip rings - which means no holes in my curtains, and no fiddling around trying to add fabric loops.

And I've started piecing the blocks. And I can't wait to see these come together!