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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life is starting to get close to normal

Well, as close to normal as it can get for me, that is... :)

The computer has been packed away during the last two weeks along with the rest of the furniture from my back bedroom, living room, and dining room while they ripped up the damaged hardwood and installed the new, and we painted. Just a few pics - it has been a very exhausting couple of weeks.

They had to put down a concrete base to even out the subfloor once they ripped out the hardwood

We painted the back bedroom first

And changed it into an office / exercise room (it was an office / guest room, but we don't have guests over to spend the night)

Then we painted the living room and hallway

And finally got to move furniture back into it

We got rid of the old barrel chairs that the cats had pretty much destroyed in favor of this one - which Stilts immediately claimed

We also ordered a new couch, to replace the one in the photo above which is pretty much falling apart. It's had a fairly long life - nearly 30 years, and it was time to replace it. :) Can't wait to get it, get the needlework and pictures back on the walls, and figure out window treatments for the two rooms (simpler is better, but I want something more than just the mini-blinds).

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