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Saturday, June 05, 2010

One thing leads to another

Back in April we had a water supply line burst, which resulted in us having to replace our kitchen tile, among other things. We chose a different color for the new ceramic tile, and I'm really pleased with how it looks on the floor.

What I realized after the tile was installed is that I no longer like the wall color with our new tile color. I think the greenish yellow just doesn't go with the beige tile.

Immediately my mind went to work, thinking of what color I might paint the kitchen. I came up with a couple of different colors at first, but I kept coming back to a pumpkin / burnt orange (something like DMC 921, 922). I ran to Lowe's and came home with a bunch of paint chips, which I promptly taped to the walls.

Of course, I also realized that once I paint the kitchen, my roman shade will no longer go with the new colors.

So I'll need to make a new curtain for that window. A friend said she knew that I'd come up with something quilty-cool (or something like that), and all at once, the challenge was on.

My mind started percolating the ideas (quilt-curtains? srsly? isn't that a little weird? no? okay!), and I liked this one best:

Remember Delaney's Snow Puzzle quilt?

I love these blocks. I still think they are just SO pretty. And then I thought - ooh, how pretty they'd look in a bunch of orange / red-orange / coppery fabrics.

And THEN I thought, but ooh, what if I added some turquoise too? Because turquoise is, you know, across the color wheel from orange-red (complementary color). I used to HATE this color combination, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get.

So I started pulling fabrics. And I bought some more fabrics. And I cut them out.

And I bought some lining fabric and some clip rings - which means no holes in my curtains, and no fiddling around trying to add fabric loops.

And I've started piecing the blocks. And I can't wait to see these come together!

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