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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Dance #11 of 16

Block 11 of Chatelaine's Waterlily Pond Quilt!

block 11

I've been quilting on my class quilt, and have 1 more full block and 4 of the wedges left to go.

We almost have all of the home repairs done now, yay! The guys are here today repairing the ceiling in the laundry room and have stripped and are repainting the walls. We've decided, since it's essentially an extension of the kitchen, to paint it the same color as we're going to do in there - Valspar's Autumn Glow. I can't wait to see it on the walls!

Oh, and as of yesterday, I started a new quilt. No, it's not one that I already have kitted up. ;-) It's a gift for a friend. She mentioned that red is her favorite color - the redder the better. And I've been wanting to make another bullseye quilt for a while now (every time I feel my original one - so soft, or every time I see Sallie's I think about how much I want to make another one!). I hope that my creation equals my vision - it will have red bullseyes on black backgrounds, so it will be quite different from the original, but hopefully just as soft (and loved). I'm currently cutting out fabrics, so expect pictures to come...

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