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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Juice glasses

I just had to share this - I am now the proud owner of a set of the juice glasses we've been searching for for years!

Quick backstory - my grandmother had a set of cute little juice glasses. Over the years, they either got broken or lost until there was only one left, which ended up being my mother's. I used it growing up, and loved the little multi-colored flower pattern. She then gave it to me, and we (mostly she) began searching for additional glasses.

My mom found a matching pitcher several years ago, but the search for additional juice glasses yielded no results. I put a picture of the little glass on my web site, just on the off-chance that someone who happened across it might have additional information or point us in the right direction to help find more. After 7 years, that picture paid off! Katrina contacted me in July to tell me that she thought she located some online, and they were for sale! When I saw that they were the glasses, I called my mom - we couldn't believe it! She presented me with the package on Friday, and here they all are together. You can tell which one is the original (I think it had been run through the dishwasher a few times over the years - something I know not to do now...), 3rd from the left, along with the pitcher. I LOVE them! Of course, they're perfect for someone who loves bright colors (and they go nicely with my set of multi-colored Fiestaware dishes).

Thank you to Katrina and Mom!!!

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