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Monday, September 20, 2010

Crewel and reading instructions

Last Monday, my crewel kit came in the mail, so I had to start it immediately, of course! wink

I got out the instructions, separated my colors of yarn and floss, mounted my fabric on stretcher bars (I had some that fit perfectly from one of my needlepoint projects), and sat down to start. I read the instructions. I swear I did. But apparently, I missed the part where it said to separate the yarn into 3 strands and recombine into the number of strands required in the key.

When I was close to running out of the pale green yarn, I thought at first that I was just making the satin stitches too close. I adjusted my stitch and moved on.

When I realized that I would be close to running out of the light green yarn (buttonhole stitch), I adjusted my stitch again (I had also realized that I couldn't stitch it as close together as the marks on the fabric, which should have clued me in, but somehow didn't...) Again, I moved on.

Then I ran out of the purple yarn. I had finished the satin and stem stitches, and just barely had enough to make the three french knots. But I didn't have enough to make the six lazy daisies. And that's when I went back and read the instructions.


As it's way too late (in my opinion, for me) to rip out and restitch, I've decided to accept the lesson learned and move forward using the appropriate number of strands of floss and yarn. My project will just be a little more dimensional in some areas. It's not bad, it's not perfect, but I've learned something, and that's part of it. I'll use this lesson in the future, I'm sure. And the good news is that I'm really enjoying it so far! Here are a couple of views of the project so far and the dimensional aspect. :)

Oh, and I'll just dive into my stash and find some floss that I'll use for the missing lazy daisies. The project uses a combination of floss and yarn, so it shouldn't look too out of place, and it's just more personalization, right?

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