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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

We actually got a white Christmas here in Nashville, Tennessee - the first one in 17 years. What's really nice about it is that the ground was covered, as were the trees, but the streets were just wet, so we were able to get over to my brother's house and back (he lives about 45 minutes away) without any trouble.

I made purses for my nieces this year:

My nephew had requested some more yarn and a hook to replace the one he had lost, so I came up with some various types of yarn for him. He also liked making granny squares, so I found a book that had patterns for 50 different types of squares. He seemed really excited about trying several.

I decided to give my mother the socks I finally finished (2 years in the making - I've got to get a little faster!), since they are really her colors:

I'm going to put some new socks on the needles really soon. I want to try the toe-up method this time.

And finally, here is my latest progress on Arabian Woman. She's really coming along, and I might be able to finish her next year if I just work on her a bit more!

I hope that everyone has had a very merry Christmas and we're looking forward to a happy New Year!

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