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Monday, January 17, 2011

A few updates for the new year

I've been slowly working on my knitted lace scarf, partly because every time I get to the part where I'm knitting the lacy rows, I end up having to rip out and start again. My attention span is not fantastic with this pattern (or any lacy pattern, apparently), or I lose my place and just have to rip back to the knit-only rows. But I do have a few pattern repeats done now, so it's starting to look a little better.

I've been working a little on Teresa Wentzler's Magical Night, which hasn't seen a needle since 2006... here's the latest on it. I was concentrating on the sleigh a little bit this time 'round.

And I wanted to get back to Kitty Litter too, which I haven't stitched for about 6 months. If it looks a little distorted, it's because the fabric shrinks a bit when it's stitched. This is the first piece I've really noticed that on, because it is so densely stitched. So where there is a lot of unstitched area in the middle, it appears to be larger than the left side where it's solidly stitched. It will work itself out.

And since I finished one project, I felt this overwhelming need to start another one - yes, I have a sickness I know. I finally got the fabric and Petite Treasure Braid that I am subbing for the Kreinik for Mirabilia's Deco Spirits. No picture yet, but soon, I promise!

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