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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Mystery Quilt, Clue #1

Since I have released it to the guild, I can share with you Clue #1 of our Mystery Quilt for 2011. For this clue, you only have to make one of each of 2 blocks. However, so that I could show a couple of different variations, I made 3 different ones - 2 of the large size and 1 of the smaller size (yes, it can be made in either a large 60-inch or a "miniature" 30-inch size).

I have decided for the moment not to post the instructions on the blog. I'm going to have my hands full supporting the guild in this effort that I'm not sure I could truly support this by just putting it out there. However, if you would like instructions as I release them each month, I will be happy to email them to you. The instructions are in PDF format. Just email me (lissylaine at yahoo dot com) with MCQG Mystery Quilt as your subject. I'll email you the first clue when I receive your request, then every month when I release the clue to the guild, I'll email you the next file. And if you decide to participate, I'd love to see your photos!

Okay, here are my completed variations of clue #1:

The top blocks are what I'm calling my desert variation, the middle blocks are of course, the 1930's variation, and the bottom blocks are the 1930's miniature variation. I can't wait to see how they turn out, and what colors / variations everyone else decides to do!

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