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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quilter's Palette nearly finished

After I spent a couple of evenings working on it, the hand quilting was done!

Next is the part that I always dread - binding it. Even more so because this quilt has so many inner corners (SO, SO, SO hard to get to look right!) in addition to all the outer corners (which aren't hard at all).

After creating my bias binding, I found the perfect way to keep it from getting all tangled and up out of the way - I used my thread spool holder.

Then I began sewing it to the front of the quilt.

Now I just have to stitch the binding to the back of the quilt. It wouldn't be so bad in a square quilt, but those inner corners, ouch! I have to push, pull, squeeze, and pinch to try to get it right. It will be worth it in the end, it's just so hard getting there!!!

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