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Monday, April 25, 2011

Aurora progress

Before I began stitching the Moonlit Kitties, I had pulled out Aurora and was working on her for a bit. I put a few more stitches in her last night (I can use the sewing method on her, while I have to stab stitch MK), and here is my latest progress.

I will get back to Moonlit Kitties, but I finally got my fabric today for Desert Mandala, Spring Fairy, and Autumn Fairy (which will start in May). I am still waiting on the silkies and beads kit, but pulled all of the DMC for DM and SF, so I am definitely going to start one or both of them tonight! :)

And I'm taking a vacation day Wednesday, before my guild's bus trip to Paducah, and plan to spend the entire day in the sewing room - heaven!!!

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