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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Too Short Weekend

It seems like it has just begun, and it's already over. I managed to get a little quilt piecing in Friday and Saturday, so I have 6 of 16 columns of my One Block Wonder quilt put together. They aren't yet pieced to each other, but at least the columns are pieced, so there is less chance of them getting misplaced. I also appliquéd a few more leaves in the border of my Trip to New England quilt, that one is slow going. And I started a quilt I've been planning for a while now from a magazine pattern called Feathered Fantasy. When pilling out fabrics for that quilt, I realized that I don't have much in the way of creams and lights, so I picked up a few yards at Joann's this week. I only have 3 blocks pieced, but I'm excited about getting started on it.

And tonight, I realized that I should make a baby quilt for one of the guys who comes over for game nights. His wife is pregnant, and I'm not sure when she's due, but I think it's within thenext month or two. I found a cute stacked coins pattern online, so i have something for sure to shop for at the Paducah quilt show in a couple of weeks, besides some quilting thread. I'm sure there will be lots of cute charm packs for me to drool over, and I like the idea of doing something non-babyish. Not that there's anything wrong with baby themed fabric, but I think they would appreciate something different.

Night all!

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