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Monday, August 15, 2011

What a hoot!

I admit I have a problem, but I don't really want to be cured.

This weekend I started The Cat's Whiskers' "What a Hoot!" I recently won it in a variation of the Dirty Santa game (but in June). I was so pleased that no one stole it from me, and I've been wanting to start it from the time it came into my hands.

Here is my progress so far - I expect to have the stitching completed this week, barring any other projects getting in the way, and then I plan to go ahead and finish it as the scissor-keep and needle-minder as intended.

I've also got an urge to play with some blanket stitch applique, so I will probably work on a block from my Blocks From the Past quilt soon to satisfy that. :)

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