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Thursday, September 08, 2011

A little more quilt work

Over the holiday weekend, I finally finished the Trip to New England quilt top (had to finish appliquéing the leaves on the borders). Note to self, and anyone else who doesn't already know, it's much easier to appliqué on a smaller piece of fabric than a huge one. I machine-stitched these down using a blanket stitch, which was fine when the bulk of the quilt was to the left of the machine, and a real pain when I had to stuff it through the arm...

I also completed two more blocks on my Blocks From the Past quilt - This and That is the pieced block and the appliqué block is just Eagle.

I'm really enjoying the blanket stitch by hand, but I've realized that I really MUST use my thimble, else my middle finger hurts for the next few days.

Oh, and one more - how could I forget a HAPPY DANCE!!! Ruth Donnell quilted my One Block Wonder, and I finally finished binding it over the weekend (which wasn't easy, as my cat Rudy Poo spent most of the weekend sleeping on it).

I entered it in our quarterly quilt challenge at our guild meeting this month, and it was voted as favorite for the month of October! Happy, happy, happy dance!

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