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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The $1,000 pair of socks

I was talking to a male co-worker about the socks I was making the other day, showing them off, just because I'm proud to be able to actually knit them myself. And he asked me how long it takes to knit a sock. Well, because I am a fairly slow knitter, and especially since I had to rip out some of this pair of socks, I told him approximately 20 hours per sock. I know that's slow, but it's pretty close to accurate for now.

I could see his mind working - and the look on his face said it all, of course. He was calculating my time multiplied by a decent hourly salary - $25 an hour. For the pair, he said, "So that's a $1,000 pair of socks. You know, you could buy a whole bunch of them for a lot less." It's okay, he was just teasing me, as he is prone to do (a lot). I could never find a pair like this, fitting me as well, mass-manufactured, and that's why I enjoy wearing around my $1,000 pairs of socks (I have 4 now).

Once I finished that pair, I went back to working on my other new pair - love these!

Today I picked up the kit for the January block of Quilter's Attic's Super Second Saturdays block of the month for 2012 - yummy colors (I'll probably put this together on Monday).

And we found our little Roughy all snuggled in CC's new quilt (which hasn't yet been quilted, only basted at this point). He seems to approve of it already.

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