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Friday, January 06, 2012

Rippit rippit

I finally realized why I set aside the green socks (no photo yet) and started knitting new ones. My heel was way too long. And then I saw the hole that I had somehow created in the foot. It was almost knitted to the toe decrease. At first I thought I could live with it, since they are just for me anyway. But tonight I decided that no, I want my green socks to fit and not start out with a hole, so I ripped all the way back to the heel and put the stitches back on my needles, ready to turn it, just a little earlier than I did the first time.

I'm using Patons stretch socks cotton blend for these in Olive. Not sure how much I love this yarn, but I'm trying out different ones to see which ones wear (and feel) the best. Simple 2x2 rib for the cuff. Picture to come...

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