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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quilt Retreat Report!

After three and a half fun-filled days, our quilting retreat for 2012 has come to a close. There were a lot of laughs, a lot of sharing, a lot of eating, and quite a few accomplishments all around. I started off the week with 2 WIPs and 1 new project ready to go. Little did I realize how much time it would take me to actually finish the first WIP. I either overestimated how much I had actually gotten finished, or underestimated how much more I had to do. I started on Monday piecing strips for the next-to-last (dark blue) and final (dark olive green) rounds of nine-patches.

And because I like to see how things are going to come together, I started piecing the rows once I had enough 9-patches.

Wow, that sure doesn't seem like a lot for a full day's work. Tuesday, I started adding those blue and olive 9-patches and the end triangle pieces to all of the strips I previously pieced.

Then all of those strips had to be pieced together, so I spent a lot of time pinning... and pinning... and pinning.

Wednesday was more of the same - pin and pin and pin and sew and sew and sew. And finally, just before shutting down for the evening, I sewed the last seam and pressed it open (I pressed all seams open on this quilt - they all lie very flat, but that meant a lot more precision matching, since I couldn't just butt the seams together).


Because the quilt is so large, even with two tall people holding it, they had to hold it sideways to keep it off the floor. It actually is a vertical quilt.

Here are some more pictures of other people and their projects that I took during the week.

This actually wasn't all of us, but those of us who went to the last meal of the retreat, lunch on Thursday

The color doesn't show up as well in my photo - these are maroon and white, very cool!

Teresa C was working on her blocks from Annie Smith's class (the designer of my Quilter's Palette quilt).

Ah, love - love the hearts

Mary's One Block Wonder

Charlie was appliquéing her sunflowers on the borders of a quilt

I LOVE Sheila's neutrals quilt - I'm going to have to make a neutrals quilt one of these days.

And here's Charlie showing off her finished quilt, can you guess which is my favorite block? ;-)

Sallie and Roxanne won their respective games of Left, Right, Center - and came away with their piles of new fat quarters

Charlie quilted another UFO, and I think I need to find the pattern for this one. :)

A really neat table runner pieced by Joanne

And Sallie started and finished piecing her beautiful birds and butterflies wallhanging!

This is another quilt that Charlie was working on - some of the little appliqué pieces are so tiny!

I think Teresa R might have been taking a break to blog her progress and photos.

Another stunning finish - my photo doesn't show how pretty the fabrics are with gold accents

1930s fabrics and Dresden plates - I was very tempted to distract Sylvia into looking the other way while I scampered away with this one.

And this Orca Bay - is amazing.

A blooming nine-patch in progress.

I didn't get photos of everything that everyone was working on, unfortunately. Hopefully they'll bring them to our guild's show-and-tell, and I'll get photos then. It was an inspiring week. For additional photos, check out Teresa's blog post on all the Eye Candy.

This morning I started working on the Pineapple Blossom, and plan to spend all day tomorrow working on that, once I get my sewing table and machine set back up in my craft room. Now I think I'll go sleep.

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