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Monday, April 23, 2012

A few updates

It's been a hard week, but I've been keeping myself busy. My little Rudy Poo was my shadow so often that her absence leaves this huge hole. Stilts and Candy are giving me lots of love, and I really appreciate their closeness. This weekend I finally got back to the placemats I started several weeks (months?) ago. Since mine are a test for the Christmas ones I have in progress, I tried out a couple of different quilting ideas. The first placemat I had made was done with stippling quilting and I didn't bind it, I just stitched it right sides together and turned it, then quilted. I didn't like how the edges were wavy, so I decided not to do it that way again. The second placemat I made, I decided to try straight lines. While I liked this one much better than the first, I still wasn't really happy with the way it looked.

So, I decided to cross-hatch part of the third placemat, and I'm very happy with this one. This will be the design I'll use for the Christmas placemats.

I used all three of my machines on these - piecing and straight-line quilting was done on my Pfaff, the orange bows were stitched on my Elna, and the free-motion quilting (stippling in the colored strips and wedges in the pinwheels) was done on my Bernina. Click the photo for a larger view.

I've stitched the vertical sashing strips to each of the blocks and began piecing them together. It still looks a little wonky on the design wall, and 3 of the blocks are missing because they're in the sewing machine.

On the cross-stitching front, I've been working on Mother's Arms, and I've finished stitching the block and bunny in the lower left corner. Tonight I plan to add some more beads in that section.

And the coolest thing - my mom was at a yard sale last week and ran across this!

There are between 25-35 balls of Cebelia thread, ecru and white. I've started another crocheted doily (a white version of Sweet Dreams, which I've done twice before). I'm going to give it to my mom as a little thank you gift. I'll post a photo of it when finished (I've finished round 15 so far).

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