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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pretty flowers and an oopsie corrected

Our veterinarians and their staff are the nicest, most thoughtful people. They sent flowers yesterday in memory of Rudy Poo.

When I was looking at the instructions for my Puff Stitch afghan the other day, I realized that I have issues with reading the instructions correctly. It's not that they're written wrong or anything like that. I just consistently READ them WRONG. I did this the first time I tried to start this afghan years ago too. Fortunately, I caught it after only about 6 or 7 squares. It wasn't hard to rip them back and re-crochet them correctly.

My problem is illustrated below. In the first round of off-white, I crocheted too many puff stitches. There are only supposed to be 12 at this point. But I made 16. The problem is compounded in each subsequent round. They lie much flatter when crocheted correctly. And I like them better. I'm going to make a few more squares then take a new pic of all of them. I still need to find the first four I made...

I'm so glad tomorrow marks the end of the work week. I don't know where my brain was last weekend (okay, maybe I do), but I totally forgot to do laundry, so I had to do it during the week, and that makes for less time relaxing and winding down before bed.

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