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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Eldon Class with Edyta Sitar

Everyone in the class got exactly the same fabrics, as this was as much a techniques class as it was learning how to put the block together.

The first thing we did was sew together the strips and then cut them into diamonds. Then we pieced the diamaonds together into an 8-point star.

Then next we made 8 little log cabin blocks. They ended up having ½ inch wide strips when sewn together. Then we learned how to set these blocks into the 8-point star.

And finally we had a demonstration on how to cut the background diamonds and set them into this design, which will make it an octagon design. I didn't have the time to get to piecing those in - I barely set in the log cabins before our time was up.

I bought enough background fabric to make the entire quilt. I'm not sure if I will do it or not. But I wanted the choice, should I decide it's one I really want to make. I like the concept. It's definitely one that will take some time to finish. All of those set-in seams mean starting and stopping a lot, and I think I would need to alternate it with a quilt that I could chain-piece a little better. She recommended that we make the quilt from our stash, and I like the idea. I don't have very many batiks in my stash, so this would probably be the block with the most batiks in it, and I would hope that that wouldn't stand apart too much. Or I could just make this block into a nice little pillow, and save the templates for when I decide to make one entirely from stash.

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