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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taking stock

As I was putting away the leftover fibers and beads from Mother's Arms, I decided to look through all of my cross stitch WIPs to reacquaint myself with them. As I did, I realized that there was one project that I haven't worked on in a while that I really had no desire to touch again. Unfortunately, it goes that way sometimes. And we have to be willing to let go. Or at least I do. I haven't touched it in over 3 years. And I hadn't stitched much of it to begin with, so I went ahead and pulled the project box out and un-kitted it. And I'm okay with that. It still leaves me with 21 cross stitch WIPs, most of which are quite large. And I want to reduce the list, so I can work on some new stuff too, preferably smaller projects which can be completed in fewer than 10 years. :)

The next project I want to finish is the one that is closest to being finished - Arabian Woman. So I'm going to focus on that one for now. That will leave me with 20 cross stitch WIPs. A few I know are going to take me a long time to finish - the Prairie Schooler ABC quilt, Around the World in 80 days. But after Arabian Woman, I think I want to work on one my Chatelaine Fairies. I have 2 in progress right now, and they are a couple of my smaller designs. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll work on one of my smaller Mill Hill Bead & Button kits - I now have 4.

I'm also in a quilting funk at the moment. Last night I mused over the number of class pieces that I haven't yet finished. I need to take my own advice, which is the advice of a sewing teacher I had a few years ago - it doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be finished, I just need to have learned something from it. Whether that is a new technique, or that I enjoy or don't enjoy a certain technique, that's enough.

Of course, the one class project I'm having the hardest time deciding is the latest one, Eldon. It's such a pretty design, but I'm really not sure if I want to make a whole quilt of it. Maybe I'll make a smaller project. But not right now. Right now, I have a ton of other things to do. And all I want to do is cross stitch at the moment. So, I'll eventually make my SSS 2012 block of the month for May, and I'll eventually get back to piecing together the Pineapple Blossom quilt and the Christmas placemats. For now, I'm going to stitch.

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