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Friday, June 22, 2012

Christmas Placemats in progress

First day of mini-vacation, and I am working on a Christmas present - I finally got all the fabrics in that I had ordered to finish these, so it's time I finally got to working on them!

First up, a close-up of the white on white fabric I chose to use to complete the tops. I cranked up the contrast on this photo so you can see the pattern better, since it's hard to see the white on white except from an angle.

Next is the backing fabric - I really like this stylized directional print.

Here is what the top looks like all pieced together.

And finally, quilting has begun. This is step 1 of the quilting (there are 3 steps for how I want to quilt it, similar to the ones I made a few months ago as cat food bowl mats for my kitchen).

I'm making 10 of these, so it is a little slow going. I'd definitely like to get them all through the quilting step 1 this weekend. I have until Christmas to get them completely finished, but I really don't want to wait until the last minute, since I have some other things I want to do between now and then, and you never know what life's going to throw you either. :)

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