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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre-mini-vacation thoughts

I am taking a few vacation days, and plan to just stay home and relax and work on some quilt projects, and more cross stitching, of course.

I downloaded part 3 of Around the World in 80 Stitches, and have been working on that the last several evenings. Now that I have it nearly finished, I think this is my favorite part so far. The colors are shown off beautifully, I can't wait to share it with you.

I have gone crazy, er, crazier. I keep wanting to learn more embroidery. I have some friends in my quilt guild working on embroidery projects (mostly redwork or variations thereof), and the urge is trying to overtake me. Don't I have enough to do already? I dug out my crewel kit, and plan to work on it some more, plus I bought another crewel design that I am itching to start (a cute fox and grapes design by Tapistree) And I just asked my LNS to see I'd they can order me another crewel embroidery kit, Bloomsbury Basket.

And tonight I downloaded a couple of free embroidery designs that I want to use to practice. These would be more like redwork, though I'd use multiple colors, and not necessarily red. I need to practice my stitches because they are fretfully uneven, even for freehand embroidery. I just don't have the confidence I would like, so I need to practice. I bought a little embroidery hoop today, but I think I'll need a larger one for the larger designs. This one should be good for the practice. Another part of my problem with the lack of confidence is in choosing colors. This is surprising to me, because I have no problem choosing fabrics and colors for quilts or colors and fibers for cross stitch designs. But for some reason, when I look at this line drawing of a butterfly, I freeze. I know it is my inexperience, and the fact that I don't want to pick colors that won't look right, even though it's just a practice piece!!! And then I also wonder, should I just do it in backstitch, or stem stitch, or something else? Use a filling stitch or not? Just DO it, I think, but I still am tripped up. I'm great at following directions, but if I have to choose how to do it, it isn't so easy. With Tree of Stitches recently, all I had to choose was the colors, the pattern told me which stitch to use, so it isn't quite the same.

I'm rambling so it's obviously time for bed. Hopefully I'll have new photos to share tomorrow or the next day. I'm so ready for this vacation!

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