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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spring Fairy, Parts 3 and 4

I really meant to take a photo when part 3 was finished, but then I barreled right on into part 4, and didn't want to take it out of the q-snaps until that was also completed. Of course, it took me a lot longer than I thought it would to finish part 4. That's the thing about Chatelaine designs. They are so beautiful because they are SO intricate. There were regular stitches, then specialty stitches, then back stitches, then beads and crystals, then I realized I had more backstitching to do, and the backstitching of the leaves nearly did my poor little fingers in. I do okay when I'm backstitching in the regular holes that are used when cross stitching, but when one has to split stitches, it's a lot more tedious for me (and hard on the hands). But it's so beautiful.

So here is part 3, the over-one ornaments. There are 6 of them - 4 of the floral pictured on the left, and 2 of the fern pictured on the right. Of course, there are mirror images for either side, but I just focused on up-close shots of 2 of them.

And here is part 4, the medallion.

Here is the entire design so far.

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