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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Like I need any sort of justification

I kitted two new projects today - entirely from my stash, so it's totally okay, right? Well, I am missing ONE color of floss that I'll have to pick up at some point. But otherwise, I pulled charts, floss, and fabric from stash. My justification? I'm having surgery soon, and I wanted something new and fairly easy to play with during my recovery. I remember how much I enjoyed stitching the Grapes pillow, and I have a ton of these designs (some from the JCS magazines, some just the single charts).

Here are A Passion for Plums, which will not be done on navy or black - I chose, rather appropriately I think, plum blossom jobelan instead - and Pumpkin Patch, which will be stitched on potato lugana. They use enough of the same colors, that I decided to go ahead and kit them together.

Now, do I start one or both of them before the surgery, or wait until after? Oh, who am I kidding? :)

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