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Friday, August 17, 2012

Recovery progress

Well, I am just over a week post-surgery, and my recovery is progressing normally. What's normal? Well, it differs for everyone, but I am up and moving around, albeit, slowly. I'm taking doctor's orders seriously, giving my body the time it needs to heal. Since I am not up and about a lot, I have had a little time to stitch, so I thought I'd share my progress on a few projects.

Here is part 5 of Papillon Creations ATW80 - some very pretty stitches, in very pretty colors if I might be so bold. The pic is just a little fuzzy, but I think you can see the stitches fairly well nonetheless. I really liked the off-centered eyelet! I haven't done one of those, though I've seen them on embroidery pieces. Very pretty, and with the little hold pulled open, give a nice artistic flair to the piece. Once again, a closeup, then the full design so far.

One thing I will note - I didn't pay as close attention to the design instructions, so instead of having Croation stitches and Montenegrin stitches alternating around each of the flowers, they are all Croation stitches. By the time I noticed my mistake, I decided I was not going to unpick everything and re-stitch it. Call it a personalization. :)

Before my surgery, I managed to start the Pumpkin and Plums pillows. Since my surgery, I have focused solely on the Plums, because the colors are so bright and cheerful. Here are my starts to both.

Pumpkin Patch Pillow

Passion for Plums Pillow

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