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Sunday, September 09, 2012

A couple of little quilt updates

After taking care of household chores and grocery shopping, I finally made it into my sewing room this afternoon. The first thing I did was make up the block of the month that I picked up yesterday. Here is Chocolate Truffle [[[yum!]]]

Then I pulled out my book and a few fabrics (actually from my Dream a Little Dream wallhanging box), and put together the third pieced block for the Blocks From the Past quilt. This one is called Windblown Square.

Then I realized that I haven't finished the blanket stitch appliqué on another block from that quilt, so I pulled that back out to work on tonight while we watch television. I didn't get very far before I put it away, so I'm hoping to get some nice progress in tonight.

And here is a slightly updated picture of Dream a Little Dream. I have been appliquéing some of the triangle pieces, the chimney, and and I've just started stitching down the roof.

It still shows the original felt pieces pinned to the background because I haven't yet moved them around and cut out new pieces from my recent stash acquisitions - I've just been fondling them like a precious ring. :) Once I get the roof stitched down, I'll get on to the one on the left, then the others as I make my way up the sky.

And I'm trying to decide which block I'm going to start with on the Hop To It (From My Garden) quilt. CC is already trying to convince me to change the bunny to a cat...

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