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Monday, September 17, 2012

Another old quilt WIP sees progress

This is my Monthly Baskets Block of the Month project, April block in progress - I had cut out the fused pieces over a year ago, but that's as far as I got before I was off on something else.

Today I finally pulled out the pieces and some other fabrics and paper-pieced the basket bottom, and fused the pieces to the basket top. Now I need to appliqué them down, then piece them together, add the borders and quilt! I think I recall saying that this is the year of the UFO back in January, and I'm trying to put some meaning behind that. :)

I'm tempted to hand appliqué it, but I'm afraid of pulling the bias edges too much Any suggestions? Or should I just go ahead and machine appliqué it (less pulling, more guiding the stitches)?

Edited to add: I decided to go ahead and hand appliqué the pieces. I finished two eggs tonight and started on the bunny. The colors of floss I'm using are pretty low contrast to the pieces and the stitches are so close together that it almost looks like satin stitches. I really like the look, and can't wait to share another picture!

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