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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Correcting quilting mistakes

When I stopped working on the quilting of CC's 2nd flannel plaid quilt earlier this year, I knew I was going to have to face an unpleasant task later. I apparently didn't pin baste well enough, because the backing shifted or stretched (or both), and I have a lot of pintucks that I need to rip out. A lot. I thought I had made pretty good headway in ripping out the quilting where the pintucks were tonight, but I discovered as I was folding it up for the evening that I have quite a bit more to do. I was using a walking foot when I quilted it, but even that didn't help me avoid the numerous mistakes. The front looks fine, but the back is a mess, so a lot of it has to come out.

At first, my husband suggested that I not worry about them, after all, it is just another utility quilt for him, another blankie similar to his first one. The problem with that is that he turns the front of the quilt -- the pretty flannel side -- towards himself, and so the backing is always visible, because he likes the softest side next to his skin. So I will continue to rip out the quilting in those areas until all of the pintucks are gone. It is slow going, because ripping out quilting is a lot more time consuming than ripping out seams from piecing. I have to be very careful not to rip the fabric as I slide the seam ripper under the quilting stitches.

Part of me wonders if I might have been finished by now if I had hand quilted it in the first place. I think I'm going to hand quilt the rest of it, once it is ready to requilt. That way I'll be able to avoid those nasty pintucks again, and he can finally have his new blankie sometime in the near future. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

Edited to add photo - this is just a small sampling, unfortunately. :( I have to rip all the quilting stitches to the edge to be able to fix them.

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