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Monday, December 10, 2012


First, I want to thank you for sending me healing thoughts and best wishes - I know that this too shall pass.

Today I was able to finish up the pillowcases that I'll be giving as part of some Christmas gifts. Fortunately, none of the recipients read my blog so I can share them with you before I give them away.

These were all kits I picked up at my LQS back in the summer. I made the first one up, then got caught up in other projects, so I thought it was high time to finish them.

I got my next Fall Frolic block of the month kit in the mail today, and I'm looking forward to stitching it up. I'm planning vacation days for next year. I think I'd like to go to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati - I've never been to that one.

Oh, and after talking with a few quilting friends, I've decided to get a Sizzix die cutter. I've ordered it, and it should be here next week sometime. First thing I plan to use it for is cutting the strips for my Rockin' Rail Fence quilt. I will also use it for High Cotton, and from there, who knows. Just need to figure out which dies I want to get first. I'm planning to get together with Teresa for some tips and helpful hints soon. Can't wait!!

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