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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reflecting on 2012

Although I managed to finish several things in 2012, quilting, cross stitch, and knitting combined, I feel this odd sense of discombobulation for this year. I think it is partly due to the work project taking over my life the last half of the year, and partly due to recovering from illness and surgeries.

The result is that I feel this overwhelming urge to stitch and quilt. Stitching and quilting soothe, calm, and relax me. Having been deprived of them for a fair length of time while I was working a lot of overtime seems to have put me into a 'catch-up' state. I need to catch up on my hobbies, and it may seem like I'm overcompensating when you see what I've been doing recently.

2012 was also a year of recovering from taking on the responsibilities of being a co-vice-president of our quilt guild in 2011. 2011 had been a whirlwind year of planning and prepping and directing our mystery quilt, and it really kind of zapped some of my quilting energy from 2012. But I've been feeling it return as the year comes to a close. I am very much looking forward to 2013.

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