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Friday, December 14, 2012

Woohoo, it's the weekend!

And I have many reasons to celebrate.

#1 - no alarm in the morning
#2 - I finished-finished my Plums Pillow

I included a piece of the fabric so you can see what the border / back looks like.

#3 - no alarm in the morning
#4 - My new Sizzix die cutter came in the mail today

Here are my first strips cut with my first die purchase - 1½ inch strips - I will be using this die for both the High Cotton quilt and the Rockin' Rail Fence quilt, and after I spend some time with Teresa, I'll probably decide on one or two more dies to purchase soon - depending on what makes the most sense at this point.

I think that this will really help me with repetitive stress injuries to my shoulder - just cutting these few strips was easy-peasy and way cool. :)

#5 - no alarm in the morning
#6 - vacation days have been scheduled (and approved) for March and April and July

I'm planning on taking time off for our annual quilt guild retreat, some Bonnie Hunter classes at our guild (at least one, maybe two if I'm lucky), and I'm seriously hoping to go to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati this year. It's a lot of quilt-related things very close together, sure to get the quilt-y creative juices flowing, and help me get rid of the comp time I've been building up over the last couple of months.

#7 - no alarm in the morning
#8 - with the project deadline extended, the pressure is eased up a bit at work, and I'm able to breathe a little bit there - makes for a much happier and slightly less stressed Melissa, guaranteed and proven.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day, but it should be a good one, and I should be able to sneak in a little time with my new Sizzix machine and some fabric. Happy weekend all!!!!

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