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Monday, January 21, 2013

Paper piecing wedding star arcs

Today I focused entirely on paper piecing my arcs for the Bali Wedding Star quilt. I finished the B arcs for set 1 (A arcs were completed just before Christmas), and then I stitched another two sets of A arcs and another set of B arcs. Here are the arcs so far. The B arcs do not have the final pieces stitched yet, because the instructions say to wait until after I complete a different step to do those. Since I have to wait on those, the B arcs are not trimmed, but the A arcs are.

I was really pleased at how many I completed, because I expected it to take me a lot longer per each set of arcs (there are 8 in each set, 11 sets total). The colors are yummy fun too!

Tomorrow I plan on focusing on Clifford's Bear Chase blocks.

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