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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome 4-day weekend!

Phase 1 of the work project is over, and phase 2 doesn't begin for a couple of weeks. This week we had to work on some post-launch items, but at least I didn't have the overtime schedule like I did prior to launch. And now I get to start taking some of that comp time I've earned, so I coupled a day with Monday's holiday, and I'm planning a quilt-and-stitch fest!

I just printed off Part 9 for 80 Stitches, but before I get to that, I really want to finish up Part 2 of Desert Landscapes Mandala. That project has languished on the shelf for about a year because I got to a point where there was a lot of backstitching (one reason I don't like to save backstitching for last on any project), and just put it down and hadn't picked it back up again. I finished the first of 4 sections, the second is nearly complete, so hopefully I can get the other two done very soon, then I can move on to Part 3!

I received my fabrics for Block D and 2 of Block M on Fall Frolic, so those are fused down, ready to appliqué.

And I finally took a picture of the latest set of High Cotton blocks I've been working on over the past month - they seem to be color-coordinated this time.

I plan to work on Bali Wedding Star this weekend, along with Clifford's Bear Chase, and I'll prep some more High Cotton blocks to sew. Looking forward to a very relaxing 3 more days, especially since it's supposed to be cold here on Monday and Tuesday - I'm planning to stay in and sew, sew, sew!

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