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Thursday, February 07, 2013

One more day

... 'til the weekend!

And this is the weekend that we go "driving Miss Doodles". CC will play chauffeur so that I can pick up my block of the month.

I found out on Tuesday that I made it into both of the Bonnie Hunter classes I wanted to take in April, so I'm thinking about colors for those right now. I am kind of leaning toward the original colors for Smith Mountain Morning (blues and browns), but I'm not sure what I want to use for Jared Takes a Wife.

I am currently still stitching on Desert part 3, working on completing the frames for the landscapes that will be stitched in later parts. Definitely going a lot more slowly than I thought it would but enjoying watching it take shape.

Just started a new cozy mystery, fourth in the Magical Cats series, Cat Trick by Sofie Kelly. Thoroughly enjoy these books, and the cats are so well written, I can see my own doing the exact same things with the same expressions... well, okay, except for the "magical" parts.

Back to a little more stitching this evening before pre-bedtime routines.

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