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Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilting Day!

And I celebrated by working on two quilts. I pieced the HSTs for the 4 bear chase blocks that I want to complete this month. I did that after working on Fall Frolic. I had prepared my pieces over the past couple of days, and this morning I began placing and fusing them to the background for the latest block (F).

Here is the beginning this morning - you can see I'd just begun fusing under the pattern overlay.

And here is the block fused, ready to stitch. I actually reversed the correct things this time (the appliqué pieces on fusible, not the pattern overlay), and so this block is correct!

It took most of the day to get the pieces all cut out and fused, and I did it while watching / listening to free episodes of The Quilt Show (free all weekend because of International Quilting Day). It was a most enjoyable day.

A stitching friend emailed to let me know that one of our area's cross stitch shops is going out of business. The owner passed away in February, and they are closing the shop after next week. I went ahead and stocked up on a couple of things, since everything was 50% off - got some fabrics and one of every color of Petite Treasure Braid that they carried and had left in stock.

That leaves one cross stitch shop in Nashville (we also have one small needlepoint shop). I hope that our other shop (The Stitchin Post) stays in business for a long time. I would hate to have to buy everything online or at Joann's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby, because their selections are so limited and do not include some of my favorite items (Bohin needles anyone?), and it's more difficult to judge colors online. None of the chain stores hold Moonlight Stitching events either.

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