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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just say no to tearing fabric

As I was unfolding fat quarters today to press and cut them into strips, I became increasingly aggravated by the waste of good fabric I saw because of tearing.

At least a quarter to a half inch on each of three sides (with the exception of the selvage), and sometimes close to one inch of the fabric in places is marred by the fact that it was torn instead of cut.

And blah blah blah about making sure it is straight of grain, etc. I think we have come far enough in recent years that most fabric from quilt shops IS straight of grain. This is good quality fabric from reputable manufacturers, I certainly paid a good price for it, and I feel cheated when I see this much fabric that is unusable on each side.

I tend to be very frugal with my fabric, and become frustrated when I experience things like this. I also realized after unfolding that a couple of pieces were not even 18 inches wide (closer to 16 inches), thus felt doubly cheated. Do I need to start opening fat quarters that are so neatly folded into cute little tucks and measuring them to make sure I am getting my money's worth? Perhaps fat quarters are not such a bargain (I know they will never be 22 inches long, since very rarely is fabric 44 inches folded). I know that it is not as quick or convenient, but I'm thinking I should go back to picking out fabric on the bolt and having it cut. CUT, not torn. And if a shop will not accommodate me on that, then I will find another shop - there are ones out there that will cut for me. Lebanon Vac and Sew did a wonderful job of doing just that the other day, and I am headed back there to get some more this week. And they did not have any problems cutting quarter yards for people. Just saying...

Strips for my two classes are pretty much cut (carrying more fabric with me if needed), and I think that even though I haven't finished the blanket stitching on this month's Fall Frolic block, I am going to relax with a little cross stitching this evening. I am working towards a dragon's head on Black Swan's Avatar... :)

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